Barber lovelorn mood for the customer to lose the wrong color hair loss (video) foldercure

The barber is lovelorn emotional low customer with the wrong color would lose money in October 12th, Chongqing Yubei District City Public Security Bureau police station received the alarm together Xinpaifang said: his hair done in Yubei Longhua avenue a hair salon, a hairdresser is the hair color to give her the wrong now, from both sides of the dispute, I hope the police arrived at the scene mediation. After the alarm, the police rushed to the scene, police Ms. Wang said: "I come here to do hair, hair dyed yellow, clearly say is this kind of model, now found to give me the wrong end with a red dye. I spent hundreds of dollars on my hair, and now I’m wrong!" The police to understand the situation of a hairdresser, Cheng said: "before actually say dyed yellow, because of his recent emotional feelings down, careless on the wrong color, wrong to dyed hair color, we also acknowledge that the hair free, but she is still here we have what he’s really not letting this go. Way." Police understand the situation, the parties to the conflict mediation. The hairdresser to give guests to hair color on the wrong is there must be direct responsibility, the proposal will cost free hair. But the guest Ms. Zhou on the hair color serious dissatisfaction, and now re dyed back or change a kind of color will be very hurt hair, so hair salon to Ms. Zhou hope some financial compensation, I hope you will consider. Police turned to Ms. Zhou said: now the hair color has been dyed wrong, hair salon here also admitted responsibility, but also please step back, the matter will be resolved in consultation." After listening to the mediation of the two sides, have decided to step back, and finally, the salon promised to give Ms. Zhou 1000 yuan in cash as compensation, the two sides reached an agreement on the issue of mediation. Yubei police tip: life to life, work is work, we should try not to life and feelings in the mood to work, so as to avoid big mistakes too late for regrets. Video for extended reading, nothing to do with the college students in a few days without a bad mood to eat almost fainted in the street相关的主题文章:

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