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Beijing high court clearly: intensify the fight against telecommunications fraud network dynamics — Beijing channel — original title: Telecommunications fraud criminal sentencing plus up to 30% newspaper news (reporter Zhang Lei) in recent years, the annual growth of China’s telecommunications fraud cases from 20% to 30% of the speed, has become a social nuisance. In a typical case of telecommunications fraud reported this morning, the Supreme People’s court held a meeting, the highest law spokesman Wang Ling said that even the Supreme People’s court’s office have received similar landline telephone fraud. The Beijing Municipal Higher People’s court vice president, Security spokesman Fung Tak spoke at the meeting pointed out that telecommunications fraud presents obvious non contact characteristics, space span, chain length, wide masses, impossible to guard against modus operandi especially since August this year, Shandong, Guangdong, for students after the death of the fraud case, extremely bad influence. According to statistics, since 2013, the Beijing Court concluded a total of 59 cases related to various types of telecommunications fraud, sentenced to more than 405 penalty. Among the cases 50, 9 cases of second instance. In the first case, the crime of fraud involving a total of 45 390 people, involving the crime of impairing credit card administration a total of 5 pieces of 13, involving the crime of credit card fraud has a total of 2 pieces of 7, involving the crime of illegally obtaining personal information of 2 pieces of 2, involving the theft of 1 pieces of 3 one involves the disruption of radio communications management order crime 1 1 people. In contrast, the Fujian provincial high court hearing more telecommunications fraud. According to the vice president, the Fujian provincial high court spokesman Xie Kaihong introduced since 2014, the Fujian provincial court concluded a total of telecommunications network fraud cases 1663 3484 people, of which 1 year to August concluded 464 895 people. An Fengde said the Beijing high court, Beijing court resolutely crack down the telecommunications network fraud, and resolutely punish the ringleaders, from the telecommunications network fraud Gang backbone, recidivism, recidivism, occupation crime, highlight the key. At the same time, the strict implementation of the criminal law, a strong punishment for violations of personal information of citizens of crime, increase the illegal sale, illegal to provide to others, illegal access to personal information of citizens in accordance with the law to combat crime. The Beijing High Court made clear provisions of the "rules" sentencing guidance and implementation, through SMS, telephone or via the Internet, radio and television, newspapers and magazines publishing false information, the implementation of fraud for the majority of people are not specific cases, most can increase the benchmark penalty in sentencing the 30%. The meeting was asked by a reporter, now telecommunications fraud tactics there are a lot of people are impossible to guard against the masses, to call the name of public security received a telephone fraud, this old people how to prevent? An Fengde answered, in a lot of telecommunications fraud cases, criminals use the virtual telephone network and the significant number of software show fake phone number and even set to the Justice Department’s telephone number, really confuse the public role. In this regard, he reminded the public not to disclose personal identity information, do not disclose personal bank card account and password information, not to the so-called designated account remittance. If you are not clear about the relevant cases or have doubts, should personally相关的主题文章:

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