Beijing, Tongzhou District Construction Committee Home census painted the region’s housing, a gamelink

Beijing Tongzhou District Municipal Construction Committee: household census   the house painted "a map" — real estate — original title: home of Tongzhou region’s housing census painted "a map" to the newspaper news (reporter Jin Yaofei) from the Tongzhou District Municipal Construction Committee was informed that Tongzhou will be 20 this month, the villagers housing information and real data for since the housing, commercial housing, commercial housing census, finally draw covering the whole information with graphics and address space of the housing housing "one map" data. You can view the data through the total housing, housing purposes, housing rental, live at any time and other information, realize "managing housing", identify the key areas and weak links of construction, planning for the construction of a high starting point, high level of Tongzhou vice center to improve the scientific and accurate data support. Tongzhou District Construction Committee responsible person, Tongzhou housing census covering 906 square kilometers, the survey includes three categories: completed residential houses, including the villagers from the housing, commercial housing, low-income housing, housing and residential housing information has been completed; non residential housing, including office, commercial buildings, industrial warehousing, scientific research, hospitals, schools, agricultural and other non residential housing information; other housing data, including for planning permits, uncompleted residential and non residential housing information. The most important thing is to get a comprehensive and accurate data. For residential housing has been completed, through the integration of the Municipal Construction Committee of residential housing information, District Bureau of Statistics Census of housing information and non residential housing census mapping information, access to information of residential housing eventually; non residential housing has completed the chart with the way, by the census by households, and fill in the bottom the icon painting related information of non residential courtyard; other housing data from the District Construction Committee to coordinate the members of the unit, in accordance with their respective responsibilities, timely reporting of statistical materials, and materials and survey data analysis. Census data have what use? The District Construction Committee responsible person, the housing census is mainly a survey of housing status, to provide scientific and accurate data support for planning the construction of a high starting point and high level of Tongzhou vice center. Tongzhou District Municipal Construction Committee will conduct the census data entry, data entry system for sorting, classification. Based on the latest 1 than 2000 basic scale topographic map, topographic map to each house element as index, through the "map" of the census, covered the whole region reflect the reality of the situation, with the space of house graphics and address housing "one map" data. Based on this map, through analyzing the District Land Bureau master real estate archives, clear Tongzhou District housing property registration, property type housing information, the establishment of the Tongzhou District housing census geographic information database based on Geographic Encoding, fully ascertain the housing base, the initial realization of "managing the housing", and can provide standard the establishment of the census for the subsequent data service platform. (commissioning editor Zhu Jiang and Wu Zhenguo)相关的主题文章:

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