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Music Benny Rogosnitzky Helps Promote Traditional Chazzonus Cantor Benny Rogosnitzky is a well known figure who has made a mark for himself in life and especially as an iconic cantor. His young life was characterized by listening of music something that helped shape up his life as he later was to become a cantor at a very young life. When he was 16 years old, Rogosnitzky began his music career as a soloist and was to be initiated by Johnny Gluck into cantorial singing as a soloist. Since then, he has performed in different concerts all over the world with his most memorable performance still being the one that he did at the Memorial Concert Riverdale Jewish Center which was characterized by a sparkle of a genius. His voice is known to be comforting and inspiring something that has helped endear his music to many. As a cantor, Benny Rogosnitzky has worked with some of the most well known cantors from all over the world and his music has been used in many Jewish synagogues during prayers. He is a master in classic Jewish Chazzanut music as well as the traditional Chazzonus which he promotes with a passion. He holds a master degree from the Royal Manchester School of music and art and has been involved in a number of lecture sessions in different schools of music. He has served in one of the most prestigious Jewish centers as a senior cantor for 13 years. In January 2003, Benny Rogosnitzky joined hands with Charlie Bernhaut to start the Cantors world with the intention of reviving and promoting the conventional Chazzonus using some creative and quality programs and also started a choir group. He is also known for his full participation in cantors events as the groups founder member. He is recognized among his peers and in the world of those who know him for his intelligence and this has led to his working with numerous well known cantors from different places in the world. He is a person who is capable of performing numerous inspiring religious sermons and has a number of songs attributed to him. Bennys efforts to promote conventional would result to sold-out concerts where many people would turn up and mostly those with Chassidic or religious background although even others who are not affiliated to any religious groupings. His Jewish unifying desire would bear fruits as many Jews from different religious fields gather to celebrate their spiritual and cultural experiences. As a cantor, Benny Rogosnitzky has been working hard to promote the Cantors role in helping inspire, offer dignity and beautify the prayer services. The cantor world has seen a growing support from many people from all over the world and has helped much in creating awareness to the role of the cantor. Many people have been able to join the cantor world and participated in the revival of the traditional Chazzonus more than ever before. His efforts have been appreciated by many people and have helped in shaping and helping millions all over the world. .bennyrogosnitzky.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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