Blizzard Carnival opening summary a variety of games ushered in the big

Summary: the opening ceremony of the Blizzcon games ushered in the big update once a year BlizzCon coming again, the opening ceremony of the carnival, a variety of games are released very important news, soon to see it now! Diablo 3 Diablo 3 will add new weapons for the hero necromancer, sickle and dagger, skills in bones and poison spells spell, the hero will meet in 2017 and we. To explore the deadly new zone: the evil and filthy atmosphere is constantly spreading in every corner of the sanctuary. Disc: the fog moor environment and inhospitable earth has been abandoned for hundreds of years. There is fog dispersed, there seems to be a permanent prisoner of darkness, ready to. The ancestors of the temple: the earliest days of the ancient monument nai. The temple is located beneath the surface of the sanctuary, and most mortals do not know it exists. The original "Diablo" in the event, monsters and checkpoints will be in the form of underground city to join Diablo 3, which helps players recall classic. All of the remake will be presented by Glorious RetroVision: special 90s sound effects and visual filters to create a "classic" appearance. Watch the pioneer new hero: game player who awaited new hero Sombra officially and we met, according to the information revealed in the video, the new hero seems to have stealth, displacement and the ability of black opponents skills. New map: add a new map of Arabia oasis and the South Pole Station, the observation station is frozen in the Antarctic the United States ten years, believe that this map for she will have a special significance. The new model: in addition to the current day after the 6V6 model, in the future will also join the 1V1 and 3V3 mode to enrich your gameplay. Set up a "watch pioneer" professional sports league: a "watch pioneer" professional events to create a world-class e-sports league. StarCraft suffered 2 secret battle welcome action Nova expansion packs will be released in November 22nd, in the last chapter of the content! The queen of blades, Kerrigan, insect mother zagara evolution management master Abasse, but also by a Zerg commander — Stow Kopf. The number of participating in blizzard revealed cooperative tasks have been multiplayer and ladder, so blizzard in the content development will be expanded in the future cooperation task. Deepmind, Blizzard and Google will cooperate in artificial intelligence, remember Alfa before the dog in the chess world turned out? In the future, it is likely that Alfa will be at a higher level with the AI level of the dog! New development of hearthstone December will be on-line hearthstone package: there will be a dragon and a tiger in combat Gadgetzan, family of the new system, there are 3 families: dirty hands party, unique teach, teach lotus. All belong to their occupation: dirty hands Party: Hunter, Paladin and warrior, mage, priest: dark lotus help: Druid, warlock stalker, shaman storm hero.相关的主题文章:

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