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"Born on 70s" Wan Peixin "in the first exposure film dilemma – Sohu Wan Peixin entertainment student Qi beat Sohu entertainment news yesterday, produced by the Queen’s Royal Television Jia Yan, small chase, directed by Li Xinbo, Li Jiahang, Yao Di, Wan Peixin, Zhao Yuanyuan starring drama" big annual generation born 70s "first exposure trailers. From the exposure of the trailers, Wan Peixin’s Qi defeat, although there is a way around the confidante of Guan Dahong, but unforgettable beautiful and simple feelings of the road to the first love, whirling. Just 5 minutes of trailers, Wan Peixin’s image has very solid beat together. From the student, wild and intractable mischievous, adult after taking into account, Linweibuju, together to overcome their own direction gradually found in the family and life in. However, his feelings have been very bumpy road. The first student to conquer Qi has been imprinted in mind, but the good feelings for a variety of reasons, then short. From the beginning to the end, turn red has been accompanied by Qi beat, to accompany him through a difficult period. In the face of feelings of paragraph two, the selection of deep love or wading Confidante, trailers Qi beat has not given a definite answer. The show in June after fixing, tension has entered the post production stage, looking forward to caring, Wan Peixin played Ganaiganhen Qi beat appeared on the screen as soon as possible.相关的主题文章:

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