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.puters-and-Technology The scattered pieces of information you upload to Facebook does not seem interesting on their own-a picture of a baby here, a happy birthday greetings there. But taken as a whole, your Facebook profile is a trove of data that can be analyzed to look for patterns and statistics about your online life (or your friends live). A new tool WolframAlpha buses from a .prehensive and personalized analytics report all about you based on Facebook data . Go to the site of Wolfram Alpha, type in "Facebook account" and click the button that my Facebook information to analyze reading. You’ll need to give the .pound Wolfram app permission to access your Facebook profile and history. Once it has done .puting, you will be presented with a detailed, interactive, graphics-filled, time-killing record of your Facebook life. Get stats on the kinds of friends, including age groups, relationship status and religion have. See your favorite photos and messages, a chart of when you are most likely to post on Facebook, and a neat diagram showing how all your friends together and you are connected. There are more than 60 sections of information to dig into, including word clouds, pie charts and maps. You can also get a report on your willingness Facebook friends by typing "Facebook friends" in the search field WolframAlpha. Wolfram Alpha is a .putational search engine which is known for, among other things, part of the brains that power Apple’s voice-assistant, Siri. Dr.. Stephen Wolfram, founder of Wolfram Research, is deeply interested in personal analytics field. In March, he shared detailed analytics of his own work life, using large amounts of data it collects about itself, including more than two decades of e-mails, a log of every keystroke he typed for year (100 million plus ), meetings, phone calls and, thanks to a pedometer, steps. He looked at the data for trends him clues about his own life and behavior, including when he would give most creative. Most people do not have the extensive amount of information on their lives, but they probably have more than they think. While Wolfram actively recording these data, most people have to create paths without realizing it. E-mail archives, FitBits, Tweets, texts and geotagged images and check-ins are all useful stores of information about your life. it’s just a matter of time until there are accessible tools to retrieve, meaning help from all of it. Wolfram says that there are many more sources that he has not yet exploited for his own personal number crunching, including medical information, its genome and motion sensors in his house. The Facebook tool is just the beginning for the consumer; the .pany plans to add new tools and features in the future. The Facebook analytics tool is fun, but also a sobering reminder of how much information we would like to share with social networks. It might inspire some people to the amount of information they’re sharing online, and others to record even more and embrace the exciting possibilities for keeping personal data. "I have no doubt that someday almost everyone routinely do all kinds of personal analytics on a mountain of data they collect about themselves, "says Wolfram in the blog post. About Bradley Associates News Blog Info Bradley Associates News Blog Information is a news source for anyone interested in cutting-edge science and technology, a science .munity blog if you like, stock market news, .munity and developing stories. Readers can then .ment on articles posted and even .ment on the .ments. Spam is not tolerated and attempts to use .menting as a form of text advertising is in vain as links are nofollow and spurious usernames are edited. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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