Branded Corporate Easter Gift

Business Easter is a season of celebration during spring where bright pastel colors seem to light up everywhere with the sunshine as their background. Easter also serves as the perfect holiday season to share branded corporate gifts with clients and vendors. Take note of how many people share gifts and cards during Easter. Imagine woven baskets wrapped with cellophane and filled with candy, painted eggs and marshmallow Peeps that contain carefully-selected items with a company logo and message as well. Stretch the creative imagination to develop some ingenius marketing and promotional strategies for the Easter season. *Develop gift baskets with the company logo and a tagline added to the exterior of the basket could go over well with customers familiar with the company. Add an additional personal touch by creating custom greeting cards embossed with the company logo and signed by the owner or CEO. Include special offers or promotions that will be offered to customers both during and after Easter. *Offer vendors assortments of candy with custom Easter greeting cards sharing appreciation for their service and support. Consider everyone from IT solutions to the person that handles postal delivery. Be sure to include discounts or promotional specials offered during and after Easter. *Host an Easter Extravaganza at your site, inviting both customers and vendors. Provide photo opportunities with a costumed Easter bunny or an Easter-themed backdrop of pastel colors, flowers and sunshine. Give away Easter baskets and offer custom promotional items like t-shirts, coffee mugs, iPad covers and mouse pads with slogans "(Company Name’s) Biggest Fan" or "I celebrated Easter with (Company Name)" as door prizes or party swag. *Spruce up the Easter basket concept by adding the company’s promotional items and a photo greeting card of the staff with the owner or CEO. The promotional items can be as minimal as pens and memo pads with the company logo and tagline or big ticket items like a sleeve custom golf balls with the company logo and website on the packaging as wel as the balls. Use the Easter season as another way to build buzz for the business and the brand. Branding opportunities like Easter only come around once a year, so they have to stand out as something special to both customers and vendors. Visit sites lsuch as .search.creative.mons../ in order to develop more ideas and concepts on how to celebrate Easter and other holidays through promotional gifts. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章:

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