British media analysis of China’s strategy for European companies competition but

British media analysis China on European corporate strategy competition but bought the "Financial Times" website screenshot: if Chinese compete with Europe, the European China will buy the original title: British media analysis Chinese on European corporate strategy to compete on the buy reference news network October 30th British media reported that, if Chinese compete in Europe Chinese, will buy europe. Broadcasting British Corporation website on October 27th quoted the British Financial Times article said that this week, Germany did not approve the acquisition of China’s investment fund chip maker Aixtron worth 670 million euros plan. The Chinese Chemical Group acquired the Syngenta proposal Syngenta has been delayed. The article thinks, "(Europe) the cautious attitude is excusable, not because of Chinese company in the overseas purchase of what is wrong." Chinese companies in addition to the acquisition of small and medium enterprises in Germany, Hollywood and the hotel industry has also left a record acquisition. "China companies are no longer satisfied with the production of clothing, toys and electronic products, are no longer satisfied with the production of the smart thing for others." The article said that if China does not compete in Germany or the United States of America’s advanced companies, China will buy them, this strategy than the previous Chinese joint venture to attract foreign investment into the Chinese market strategy to have the advantage. In addition, the Chinese this ambition is not a problem, but the "irritating investment funds to irresistible one-sided". The article said that China joined the World Trade Organization in 2001 to become the world’s largest exporter of goods. "Germany and other developed countries do not have to worry about previous acquisitions – now they worry." The article said that the world trade organization was originally intended to allow more companies to enter the world of China, but China’s foreign ownership of health insurance, communications and logistics industries still have restrictions. Finally, the article warned that China must come up with more options for foreign investment, or the United States and Europe will reduce the desktop companies. "At that time, everyone had to live frugally". More exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).相关的主题文章:

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