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Traffic-Building One of the most .mon questions I get is about social media. In fact, it’s pretty hard to avoid. Everyone is talking about Facebook and Twitter not to mention logging on to these applications multiple times throughout the day. The real question is whether or not social media can be used to help your business. Can it really help build your brand or sell your products? My answer is ‘yes’ as long as you consider these guidelines. Social media is all about building a dialog with like minded people or people who are in your target audience. Social media has impact when it is focused on the market you serve. If you are in shoes and you’re trying to build a following in the area of automotive, you are setting yourself up for failure. Begin with a Social Media plan. Many people start using social media without a clear objective. You should always begin with a clear objective and by developing a plan to support social media activities on a regular basis. Decide if you can handle the burden of social media on your own or if you will require help from others. Share your expertise. What are you good at? Others want to learn from those with experience in a given area. Do you have a skill that you can teach others? Take time to share what you know and do it in bite sized pieces. This can keep others engaged and allow you to .municate within your .fort zone. The more experience you can share the better. Be consistent with your .munications. Speak with your audience on a regular basis. Better yet, create a dialog and conversation around specific topics. This ensures that your conversation is meaningful and valuable. Its always a good idea to solicit topics from your audience. What you share must be relevant to their day to day needs. Invite others to join the conversation. Start a dialog around a topic or discussion. One way you can start meaningful discussion is by choosing a topic and taking a stand. By creating dialog that is on topic, you invite others to be part of the conversation. The more others participate the more engaging your content. This attracts new followers and others who want o participate on a regular basis. Stop selling. Something that I see on a regular basis is direct selling happening on social media websites. However, what these individuals don’t realize is that nothing turns off individuals more than being sold. Rather, they want to learn about a subject area and choose products and services on their own after research, re.mendations, and reasoning. Don’t use social media to sell directly. Rather, use social media to build a following. Once you have proved value, others will look to follow you and the products you use or try. The area of social media is in full force. By developing a list of followers or fans, you can quickly improve the opportunity to build your brand. To sell your products however, you’ll have to create value for your followers. Don’t try to sell directly. You’re best bet is to mention products in a subtle way. This has more power than the direct approach when it .es to social media marketing. Followers can leave you quickly so don’t push your luck. Create value and they will return the favor. Need guidance with your social media marketing? Start with our SEO training and social media program. Check out our Inter. marketing forum for more social media guidance. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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