Car accident scene, his wife asked her husband to see her husband had broken legs broken leg (Figure

The scene of the accident, his wife holding her husband to see her husband trapped leg broke tears (Figure) 2 at 5 pm, a traffic accident occurred in the territory of the town of Pingqiao Huaian District of Huaian city in a traffic light, two truck rear end, rear end truck driver’s wife after the accident to climb out of the cab, and her husband because the leg was stuck and unable to move trapped in the cab, rescue personnel rushed to the scene to implement the rescue process, in order to prevent the occurrence of two injuries, his wife stood beside the cab, with his hands holding her husband hips, to keep its center of gravity, but, when her husband was lifted out of the cab, to see her husband, badly mutilated broken leg, his wife could not help crying. When the rescuers found rushed to the scene of the accident, a red light two large truck rear end, the rear end of the severe deformation of large truck cab, the ground is full of glass and auto parts. On the ground there is a very long very long brake, the driver was stuck in the cab can not move, and the door has been deformed, can not be opened. According to the scene insider reflect, when a total of 2 people on the car, the couple, after the accident, the woman successfully climbed out of the cab. 5 minutes later, the door was used by the rescue workers to break the success of hydraulic demolition. When the door opened, firefighters found the driver’s right leg was tightly clamped, simply can not move. At this point, the driver was trapped inside the rescue workers told him that his right leg hurts. See the cab door has been opened, the wife immediately ran up, holding his hands with her husband and buttocks, rescuers found the driver pressed parts of the space is narrow, hydraulic rescue tools can not be used. Rescue workers decided to use the accident truck front traction traction vehicles rushed to the scene, the driver was trapped with his hands to give her husband, her husband was injured again. To be clean, the tractor with the wire rope in firefighters under the command of the cab slowly squeezed position of the traction, traction to be successful after the opening, firefighters quickly trapped drivers hold off on a stretcher and rushed to the hospital, but the right foot at the trapped driver has been broken. To see her husband badly mutilated right leg, crying wife. According to the front of a large truck drivers, his car loaded with 30 tons of aluminum, from Changzhou to Tianjin, their lights at the traffic lights. At that time, is preparing to start when suddenly a truck slammed behind the truck rear end with their own, then hurried off to see, found the front truck rear end severely deformed, and card driver in the cab to move, and a woman in the car managed to escape. So he hastened to call the police, while preparing to use the rope near the villagers to pull the rope for fear of causing damage to the trapped driver, so did not dare to rescue. According to the rear end of the truck driver wife reflect, van is from Shanghai to Beijing, the car loaded with express, when at 2 o’clock in the rest, did not think the accident happened here. At present, the specific cause of the accident is under investigation by the traffic police department.相关的主题文章:

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