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Business The manufacturing industry is one of the largest global industries, and therefore offers a wide variety of career opportunities for potential job seekers and candidates. The UK manufacturing industry is the sixth largest in the world and many rewarding careers are opening up every day despite the current worldwide recession. Manufacturing is the industry of production. It’s the industry that makes all other industries possible. Through the use of machines, tools, and labor, manufacturers produce the goods that we rely upon in our every day life. In the old days, manufacturing was done by single skilled craftsmen. These artisans would train apprentices and pass down the secrets of their trade to new generations. However, with the industrial revolution and the advancements of the past two centuries, the manufacturing industry has be.e streamlined and globalized. It now sits as the sturdy and reliable foundation of the world’s economy that we know today. There are a wide variety of manufacturing jobs available in the UK. Some of the exciting areas of manufacturing where you might find work could be the follwing : Aerospace Product and Parts Manufacturing Professionals in the manufacturing industry can find work in aerospace manufacturing, making products and parts for .mercial airplanes. Due to the increasing demand for the reliable and quick transportation of goods, aerospace manufacturing has be.e a high demand field. Skilled professionals are needed to manufacturer reliable parts for planes. Weekly earnings for production workers in this field average about $1,305. Food Manufacturing Easily the most resilient manufacturing industry, the food manufacturing industry is always in need of workers for food processing. Food manufacturers are consumers’ and retailers’ link to the agricultural industry. They work to process food from their raw state into the products we buy everyday. One of the biggest opportunities for employment in this industry is in quality assurance. Weekly earnings for food manufacturing workers average around $600. There are temporary and part time opportunities as well as full time employment in this field. Besides these areas, there are many other fields in the manufacturing industry in the UK. Many of these will require an engineering background or qualification. How can I find manufacturing career opportunities in the UK? The easiest way is to try one of the many UK job boards and jobsite websites available on the inter.. Several specialise specifically in manufacturing vacancies in all sectors and Industries both in the UK and around the world. Copyright (c) 2010 Ianson Inter. Marketing About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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