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Earn money through investment in Cryptocurrency Mining with Sii Global

To facilitated digital currency transaction a capable server with best graphic-cards is used in a process known as cryptocurrency mining. Given the kind of technical knowledge and the investment that is needed in cryptocurrency mining it may be difficult to start the business as a single person. Through Sii Global Intelligent Investment Service any person has an opportunity to invest in Cryptocurrency mining.

Sii Global an international company that deals with cryptocurrency and has its capital in Mexico. The promotional technique used by the company is multilevel marketing. The CEO of the company is Miguel Angel Arroyo. Their CEO has skills and knowledge in engineering and supply management.

There are three main objectives that guide the operation of the company. Its first aim is to establish a large cloud mining farm in Mexico. Second, it seeks to establish an actual networking company that is specialized in cryptocurrency. Third, it seeks to establish an international foreign exchange service.

To achieve the objectives the company has not just invested in at least one hundred and eighty mining rigs but also millions of dollars in other relevant resources that includes a warehouse, equipment, and land. Each of the rig mines operates at all times hence earning about six coins on a daily basis.

The company states on the official website that it has specialized in mining of cryptocurrency from 2016 January. A person can open a free account with Sii global and earn interest from recommending sales but the account will be closed in a month’s time. People who wish to gain more interest can choose to invest in either of the four packages offered by the company.

The compensation plan for almost all the packages is lucrative. The starter pack will cost you one hundred and twenty-five dollars after which the person will be compensated by half to one dollar daily for one hundred and twenty-five business days. You can alternatively purchase the executive pack at $250 and earn $1 to $3 for one hundred and fifty days.

The master pack comes at third position and requires investment of five hundred dollars to receive three to six dollars daily for two hundred working days. By buying an elite share that cost one thousand dollars a person is compensated for three hundred days with six to sixteen dollars.

There is an additional 20% compensation offered whenever a person brings a new member. Compensation plan is also comprised of residual commission. Each time an investor recruits a new member they are given a top rank which attract lucrative bonuses. To get more details about the company a person need to simply go to their website.

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