Changsha burst hot spicy spree of heaven, also does not exceed 25 yuan per capita – Sohu to eat and sayu-02

Changsha burst hot spicy spree of heaven, also does not exceed 25 yuan per capita? Sohu – and – half of the world’s people do not eat fish, do not understand the other half of the people happy – Hunan Hunan spicy girl in cool dry pot fish on snarky hardcore like a paradise, looked at the full pot of soup and hot pepper is bubbling and dry pot simmer roe, roe and fish tofu? Here? I like that love of broth, garlic, the sheep to eat fish hardcore this one, and I was shocked to love fish "buddy adorable on mud! Stir fried chicken giblets? Here?, see this pepper a tight feeling Daisy, spicy chicken gizzards burst with a sense of radish and garlic acid although little spicy but not spicy soft sister do not come! Here?? after the first two dishes my lips are not finally on a seemingly gentle green Sauteed Pickled Beans with Minced Pork? Here? This is the only one I can eat spicy white Steamed Rice is my hero millet pepper, red pepper, stir fried meat and sour beans is also cool the Master acid heartstrings? Here? The big brand Duojiaoyutou face Changsha restaurant, after the first steaming soy sauce each dish is full of pepper? Here? Shop everywhere in Mao’s figure because the people of Xiangtan Changsha grandpa Mao Hunan Hunan restaurant is the madman, spicy family home in Grandpa Mao led us to eat shrimp the foot of victory never thought 3 people last 3 dishes 25 yuan per capita? Down? South intersection address of Huaihe road and Qinling Mountains Road, 100 meters west of the telephone 150361832821352659 Four hundred and one相关的主题文章:

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