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"Chen Jianbin Ye Yiyun" Chinese relationship with elegant style hit box type Chinese _24 > > > click to enter the Tencent video, watch "Chinese relation" Tencent entertainment news by Chen Jianbin, Ma Yili, Ye Yiyun, Hu He starred in the drama "the reality of urban China relation" to continue to lead the prime time TV, the show fresh come together with the full online acting by the audience. In the play, Huo Yaoyao Yiyun leaves this beautiful girl full of vitality penetrating portrait of his inner struggle, and the most incisive interpretation forbear to kill and uncle Ma Guoliang, love, free in between the good and the regret style shattered the hearts of the audience, and let the multi acting constantly praise. The role of Ye Yiyun into a sense of strong face life into a cockroach in the play, Yuri Huang played little age Huo Yiyun leaves, is a blend of social "old driver", she encountered a rich two generation of hot love bash, for their perfect warm heart uncle, although the family misfortune, but she is still able to stand but, in the face of life she is a cockroach, the whole drama is the most amazing a role. Ye Yiyun through the portrayed nuanced, Huo Yaoyao in life around the wall, resourceful and performance close to life, let the audience feel sympathy. Ye Yiyun pursuit of perfection, for the interpretation of Huo Yuri Huang amazing. The Huo Yuri Huang handle uniform temptation, that the play Lolita minutes to Karstens delicate and touching, but, in an extreme way to solve the family crisis. Often with Ma Guoliang "yiyanbuge, acting on a whirlwind" and other actors in the scenes, leaves Yiyun’s performance is quite good, in the face of the horse when Ma Guoliang showed his ex-wife Guoliang ambiguous intimate, facing the beautiful temperament when Jiang Yinan ‘s jealousy in the face of strong closed injury to men inflicted by evil persons, suspected the strong bully. Ye Yiyun put the role of each of the perfect combination of positioning, the embodiment of this delightful Huo Yaoyao. Chen Jianbin Ye Yiyun will enter the bridal chamber in the elegant style "has just aired episode, when Ma Guoliang downhearted when he returned home, see yourself back on the couch waiting hall Yuri Huang has fallen asleep. Huo Yuri Huang wife began to enter the model, personally made a table of food to cook for Ma Guoliang, although this is a table of the dark cuisine, Ma Guoliang also learned to evaluate the "molecular cuisine", but the show has just begun, Huo Yaoyao a "hate" the little woman and bridge the rights of the play to the extreme, with super Yuri Huang Huo the ideal state to seduce Ma Guoliang, "studious, virtuous, glasses, seduce a" kill your order, tonight we can enter the bridal chamber ", but Ma Guoliang still do not buy it, Huo Yuri Huang reluctantly made a last ditch attempt to offer itself, but the" emperor "is still completely indifferent. The audience could not stand the "horse brother too calm", "lay down the hall Yuri Huang, let me". However, the story came to a screeching halt, Ma Guoliang and Huo Yaoyao had just set up a better picture of the moment was shattered, Ma Guoliang lost his money, with the disappearance of Yuri Huang and Huo and she shut down the phone, the plot development here, prompting viewers to launch Huo Yuri Huang siege. However, due to the incident, Yuri Huang’s father was Huo Jin Dou Dou Huo Yuri Huang took blackmail, as it cannot be helped!相关的主题文章:

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