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China users online education amounted to 118 million   the school has no boundary – the media – original title: Online Education: the school has no boundaries, a 9 year old child has been able to operate an online education APP in iPad. Newspaper reporter She Ying photo of an online education APP math section 139 only need more than 2000 yuan, an average of only ten yuan a lesson. Newspaper reporter She Ying photo Chinese education industry is entering the "golden age", "golden effect Internet plus" No. At the beginning of August, CNNIC released the thirty-eighth "Chinese Internet development statistics report". The report shows that as of June 2016, China’s online education users reached 118 million, an increase of more than the end of 7 million 750 thousand, the growth rate of 7%; online education user usage was flat by the end of, the basic flat by the end of 2015. With the development of the Internet, the country attaches great importance to the education industry, cloud computing and other related technologies to promote, the demand of knowledge and skills improve, online education to solve the shortage of teachers, promoting fair education and occupation training skilled personnel will also have to be. Two pronged policy in the capital recently, sponsored the "2016 online education open cooperation conference and the new trend of education capital summit, DDT education industry to share a set of data leading partner Li Sijia:" in 2015, the overall size of China education industry is 1 trillion and 600 billion yuan, is expected to 2020 this figure will grow to nearly 3 trillion yuan, and realize 12.7% compound annual growth rate. Especially the training areas, including education, K12 training and occupation training, will become the next major growth point." The rich have a huge attraction to the capital. 2015 total amount of investment in the field of education is more than two times in 2014, the total amount of mergers and acquisitions grew by 165%, the total number of cases listed on the market grew by 76%, the total amount of social capital injection and frequency are rising at a high speed. In frequent investment, the concept of online education far exceeds the traditional education. To BAT as the representative of the Internet Co to bring the Internet genes, and emerging field of education startups without exception, leveraging the internet. Data show that as of the end of 2015, the domestic Internet education companies about 9500, nearly 300 thousand practitioners, has become an important force in the education sector. Well, the future of 51talk, the online education of school enterprise expansion. With the step of English Campus Learning and thinking and encouraged other brands of good future in July announced the first quarter of fiscal year 2017 did not show the audited financial report, its net income from the previous year increased to $129 million 400 thousand in the quarter of $195 million 100 thousand, an increase of 50.8%; total student trips increased from about 410 thousand in the same period last year to about 640 thousand of the season, an growth of 56.8%. Veteran New Oriental and other training institutions have also launched their own online schools, seize emerging markets, bringing rapid revenue growth. Fiscal year 2016, New Oriental total net相关的主题文章:

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