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Chinese drivers engaged in international long-distance freight: money no time – Beijing China overseas network on 26 September, according to Hongkong, "Sing Tao Daily" reported that more than 3 years ago by the company staff Mr. Guan, decided to switch to the transportation industry in order to make a living, and choose a very hard work, as in the North America Tongzhou province truck drivers. He went to a driving school to learn to drive the truck, from the car to get A cards, only spent 4 months on a test, the result is good, but the examination also immediately find a job, but as a novice, only received some in urban areas than long-distance freight, salary the car driver is low. After a very short period of time, in line with the understanding of some experts, and then through their introduction, to join the Poland is now working in the east of the main transport company, scale and salary system has a certain standard. Mr. Guan refers to the early death of the horse to the ground line mentality to join the industry, but later found no harder than originally thought, but also higher than expected revenue. Every week in this online back and forth 2 to 3, there is no time to spend money. He also said that the United States of New Jersey Toronto Canada back and forth about the journey time is 8 hours, plus the customs is 10 hours, while the transport companies will make clearance documents for them at the boundary to the customs can pass. He went to New Jersey to deliver the container, immediately in the container car bed sleep 10 hours, get up and then drag another container back to the city. Mr. Guan said, many truck drivers will be working in a period of time for the company to store money, buy a container front, before signing the contract with the transport companies to self-employed work, so you can make more money, and the short term for full container front instalments, for 10 years it can be sold in front of retirement. He said in the end, Ontario government stepped up control to obtain A card is very right. Because it is very important to train and abide by driving safety measures in the container truck industry.相关的主题文章:

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