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Chinese outbound continued hot   "ASEAN style" has gradually become the new favorite of the Travel Channel original title: Chinese outbound tour continued hot "ASEAN customs" gradually become the new favorite fantasy style Matera, Vietnam romantic trip to Nha Trang and searching for the mysterious Kampuchea…… Outbound tourism is still in 2016 "eleven Golden Week" trend, and with the increasingly convenient traffic, "The Belt and Road" construction, have unique tropical countries of ASEAN outbound tourism to become the "favorite", popular with tourists China. China Tourism Research Institute, Ctrip recently released the 2016 "tourism trends report and popularity rankings" eleven. The report said that nearly half of China’s travel this year, eleven, becoming the country’s largest ever travel trips golden week is expected to leave the golden week tourists are expected to close to 6 million, a record high. Even the day, the reporter visited a number of travel agencies in Lanzhou, Thailand, South Korea, Malaysia and Gansu are "hot" tourist destination, "Vietnam, Kampuchea" is the dark horse in recent years popular tourist destination "". Gansu Kang Hui International Travel Agency Limited company manager Wang Ping introduction, the travel agency launched Thai Thai Thai joy, freedom, enjoy a different experience, new ways to subvert the past, "while Thailand tour prices increased, but the opening of the direct flights, Thailand island scenery, visitors are still more". Vietnam, Kampuchea and other ASEAN countries in recent years, tourism concern, and gradually become a place for Chinese tourists yearning. Working in Lanzhou 80 workers Liu Mingjun will own holiday "to" Vietnam Nha Trang, Nha Trang has a small Maldives said, there is not water, dust clip ancient religious culture, the most important is the scenic area has not yet been developed as early as possible to experience the first degree ". A Angkor Wat is the "Arale _ goldfish" holiday journey, she shared with friends through the network in Kampuchea. The report also shows that South Korea, Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, the United States, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, Maldives, Russia to become the country’s National Day holiday this year, the highest popularity of the top ten destination countries. Britain, Kampuchea, Russia has become the fastest growing destination, the highest increase of more than 60%. Gansu province foreign trade business association in Malaysia chief representative He Ping told reporters said that in recent years the number of tourists to China ASEAN countries is growing rapidly, the first is the ASEAN outbound tourism products such as Malaysia, Thailand and other island tour product cost-effective, become a lot of travelers decompression choice; secondly, the reason of people’s income level, travel convenience, flights increase, but also promote the ASEAN countries to become the most Chinese outbound tourists first stop travel; in addition, with the "The Belt and Road" construction, the official China interaction in tourism cooperation with ASEAN countries more closely together with the ASEAN region unique tropical and cultural customs, have become to attract Chinese the best tourist resort. He Ping also said that in recent years, as more and more stars get together in the ASEAN countries to host the wedding, the Chinese young people will be the ASEAN countries as a honeymoon destination, "after 80", "90" has become an outbound tour ""相关的主题文章:

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