Coach holiday series concept store in Chengdu Wangfujing grand opening

COACH Holiday series concept store in Chengdu’s Wangfujing Grand Opening Day holidays to celebrate American fashion, pondering life of high-end fashion brand COACH brand was founded 75 years, the Wangfujing in Chengdu Road shop on the first floor of the atrium grand opening of COACH series 2016 Holiday concept store. A series of colorful 2016 Holiday series made of fine chrome tanned leather will take the lead in Chengdu, and the concept store will last for a week from November 11th. As an important inspiration for the design elements of the series: dinosaur family members Rexy, Woolly, Tricky and Steggy each presented by COACH interpretation of the highly interesting fashion ideas. The day of the event, Luo Zilin wore a COACH Rexy Miss Universe dinosaur sweater debut, with the brand to witness the first station of Holiday series COACH Chinese concept store opening. The sweater of New York will be lively and vivid dinosaurs, fashion fun way to show, young and energetic. The cooperation with COACH again, she said: I am very pleased to be able to work with COACH to witness the opening of China’s first stop Holiday concept store. At that time in New York, I think this is a very attractive city, but also a show you can be a unique stage of self, like the challenge of the natural I fell in love with the brand COACH. Today, wearing the Holiday series dinosaur sweater is very much in line with the young people are now bold and innovative attitude to life. COACH Holiday series contains four different shapes of Dinosaurs: Rexy, Woolly, Tricky and Steggy. Among them, the dinosaur named Rexy by COACH Executive Creative Director Stuart Vevers to build, and as the installation art stands in the shop. Previously, Rexy has been in the New York fashion week to form ice stunning debut. Rexy back by 11 different colors of the color composition of the spine, filled with joy, relaxed, vibrant holiday atmosphere. COACH has also taken this warm holiday season to bring this light and happy greeting to all the friends and family around the world who love COACH. About COACH: RexyRexy is an Holiday series family of dinosaurs fearless leader. In her life, she was free to stand up for anything – to lead the family members. An WoollyWoolly is a movie enthusiast – her favorite movie is "working girl". An TrickyTricky is a naughty dinosaur, her favorite friends and practical joke…… If you see the light in her eyes, be careful, she may be planning a prank again! An SteggySteggy may seem somewhat shy, but beyond all expectations, she is an amazing singer Cara OK. About COACH American high-end lifestyle fashion brand COACH was founded in 1941 in New York, has a long feng.相关的主题文章:

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