Colorful Printed Displays Capture Attention

Most business owners associate custom printed displays with trade shows and exhibitions. That is the common use for banners, sky banners, Marquees, and tents, but there are many more uses that can help boost sales and capture the attention of customers. Drawing attention to a permanent display in a large store is essential because shoppers tend to go to the aisles with which they are familiar and skip the majority of the store. Busy schedules means browsing is mainly reserved for the internet late at night.

Regular Uses

Retailers are constantly placing items on clearance to make room for newer items. The products that have not sold well, or are currently out of season, will be marked down in price to entice customers to buy them and get them out of the store. Rather than use small shelf stickers to indicate a clearance item, place them all in one space on a few shelves dedicated to the clearance products. A sky banner that hangs from the ceiling with “CLEARANCE” printed on it will attract those who are always looking for a bargain.

Flag banners in the lawn and garden section entrance will bring people directly to that area. Customers will appreciate the time savings and will know where to park the vehicle to have top soil, mulch, or patio furniture loaded into the back. Placing these flags at the parking lot entrance may entice people to turn in and see what is on sale, or what is new.

Cost-Effective Outdoor Displays

Tents, awnings, and booths outside the store can be used for special sales, providing space for a charity bake sale, or hosting promotional taste testing for new food items offered in the store. The business name and logo can be printed, or anything else the business wants on the tents or booths. A combination of the business name and the charity name, for example, can be printed if the business sponsors or hosts several fundraisers a year for that one organization.

All display items are made to be durable so that one initial cost yields a full return on the investment with one or two uses. Benefits from that point on are cost-free for the business every time the displays are used. Very few other methods of advertising can have such a lasting impact on sales and brand recognition.

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