Condolences to the people of crosstalk performance artist Li Wenhua

I just saw the news:
crosstalk performance artist Li Wenhua lead to chronic pulmonary heart disease due to many years of laryngeal cancer, treatment failed 1:09 this morning, died at Chaoyang Hospital in Beijing, at the age of 82 years.
Li Wenhua, in 1927 Born in Beijing, the early years had Guoqi Ru Pok Arts, 1962 transferred to the China Broadcasting Art Troupe rap group formed a listless main speaker in the practice of performance and Hou Baolin, Ma Ji, Hao Aimin cooperation artistic style, known by the cold start In 1978, Li Wenhua Jiang Kun, a partner of the paragraph job filled with the passion of young people, further forming a blend of personality and character strengths, so that holding funny perfect match. natural tacit understanding, have launched such Zhao many well-known classic comic name segment. Li Wenhua goes wrinkle the face, with a childlike innocent smile on stage, he bent a good people listless burden ordinary voice, always burst out unexpectedly humorous spark 1985, he was named one of the top ten of the national stand-up comedian comedian in November last year, 81-year-old Li Wenhua, a wheelchair with the oxygen bottles to attend their own coach Ma Sanli’s ceremony. comic colleagues in Beijing and Tianjin are the scene to witness this historic moment. prolonged applause and cheers for the elderly a long-cherished wish. Li Lao last appearance in the media.
Lee Mandarin was diagnosed in 1983 infestation of laryngeal cancer in 1985, a total laryngectomy, unable to speak, was forced to leave his love of the stage.
It is reported that China Broadcasting Art Troupe Li Wenhua Funeral Committee was established, the memorial service is tentatively scheduled on May 15. green leaves, he cut off his lifetime pipes, bid farewell to the stage, but still, by virtue of perseverance to pronounce words, the biggest desire is to worship Ma Sanli as a teacher, he intended his kindly face very familiar with the audience, bless his old Farewell, God bless him, Amen ~
always remember him, all the way!

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