Connect the room for the kindergarten teaching academy that find the house demolition

Connect the room for the kindergarten teaching academy that find the house demolition of the original title: private kindergarten for kindergarten teaching room with private access room new culture and new culture news reporter Tang Qi photo (reporter Tang Qi) "urban management departments have repeatedly issued demolition notice to the kindergarten, but has not executed." In November 19th, Mr. Zhang Changchun public telephone call to the newspaper, said Changchun prosperity Road 228 factory dormitory 53 floor, there is a kindergarten with a color room, in the East Building for teaching, is illegal construction. Report: private kindergarten room public Zhang said, the kindergarten has been in existence for many years, the kindergarten a hundred square meters in the east side of the building room, is mainly used for teaching. "This has Caigang room for years, and the dormitory area and some buildings are also violations, now that have to be removed, but there are residents of the illegal construction, there has been no movement." Zhang said he learned that the kindergarten has received notice of the deadline for removal. November 19th afternoon, the reporter came to the residents downstairs, see a room on the ground floor of the east side of the room, from the traffic point of view, does not affect the residents travel, but because there is a front yard, slide and other facilities, built on the sidewalk, the pedestrian block, and also unable to stop. A rear side of the room, is another area, there are walls apart, room 53 east wall is two or three meters, with walls built. Residents: Although illegal but is convenient to the residents nearby said: "this kindergarten has for a long time, in addition to a building outside the room, also is the kindergarten." The kindergarten fees are relatively cheap, it is convenient for the residents of the area near the dual family care for children. Another resident said: "if this is indeed illegal should be removed, because there is room more than one, if one is not removed, the rest are not removed, vicious spiral. But I heard it was going to be demolished." The park will find the house demolition: according to the kindergarten responsible person said that the construction of the color room, the original purpose is to give the child a little to expand the space to play, and kindergarten neighbors also have a lot of difficulties, but also to the dual earner families bring convenience, "if you want to dismantle and I agree. The official said, is now looking for a house, hoping to give yourself a little time to find the house will be removed. According to Zhang said, in the dormitory area, there are violations of the building. Reporter saw the new culture, in the 53 downstairs, there are two self built parking garage. The community is gradually promote the demolition work: the reporter then contacted a staff of 228 plant communities, according to its introduction, they had also received reports of residents, and reported the case to the law enforcement departments, we have no law enforcement powers, the relevant departments are issued notice." The staff member said that the demolition work should be in progress, we generally receive notification of law enforcement agencies, the existence of illegal residents in advance to inform." According to the community a duty officer, in November 21st, the government Jun相关的主题文章:

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