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Computers-and-Technology Cards are the source of our identity and when our identity is presented in front of many people then it reflects dignity with impression too. So, this time to give us new identification our company had contacted the market leader in the implementation of the smart cards to make best smart card for all the staffs working over there. I had earlier heard about laminated ID cards but was unknown about contactless smart cards. Thus, was excited to see it being wrapped around my neck as soon as possible. As, I was being impatient to wear it, I thought to search the website of the company that our organization had placed the order in before it was made ready for us and I found out that these are made with the use of radio frequency technology that could have interaction with the readers. The card reads out the communication happened with the reader without having physical contact. They are also useful in public transport meant for fare payment, cashless vending, access control, electronic purse, parking, gambling, student, employee IDs (in both government and corporate environment), loyalty, secured travel document and e-passports and cashless payment services. Lets now discover the types of this card. It is available in 8 different types that are mentioned below:- Legic Ident systems: It is one of the first and foremost companies in the whole world that offers secured technology platforms for many of the organizations. Security dealings are made on a larger basis. EM Microelectronic 13.56 MHz: It is the most trusted supplier of RFID systems since 1989 and has been able to satisfy many of the organizations by giving world class products that has been used in important places such as corporate structures and is used in several of the supply chains. Works such as entry security, exit security, logistics are offered under this comprehensive solution. Infineon: They are considered as one of the biggest digital supplier in the whole world. NXP: They too are successful in satisfying various organizations. Wide range of Mifare, Ucode and Encode are with them. It is the market leader in the entire United Kingdom. Moreover, it has ITSO accreditation for the supply of Mifare 1k and 4k cards. ST Microelectronics: It is famous for being the leading supplier in the entire globe. They are considered special leaders in providing Radio frequency technology. Atmel: It is the member of EPC Global. Wide range of contactless ID products is offered by them. They are working with UHF too. They also come in HID iclass card technology and Portable Security token ID from Giesecke and Devrient. For more information on these special cards contact Universal Smart Cards, market leader in providing various types of cards. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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