Cook pulled out of the occasion to subtly malicious BlackBerry did not forget to fill a knife visualboyadvance

Cook pulled out of the occasion to subtly malicious BlackBerry did not forget to fill a knife on September 29th news, according to foreign media reports, apple CEO Tim · Cook said in an interview Wednesday, after the BlackBerry out of intelligent mobile phone market, Apple will fully tap the vacant market potential. Canadian mobile phone maker BlackBerry announced on Wednesday that it would withdraw from the smartphone market. BlackBerry said on that day, before the end of February next year, except Indonesia, BlackBerry will stop selling Blackberry mobile phone in the world, the future will no longer be the design and production of mobile phone. Late Wednesday, apple CEO Cook said in an interview, "BlackBerry mobile phone sales in a very long period of time are relatively low, they exit for market opportunity is huge, we are very optimistic about this opportunity." Of course, Cook is not only to say, Apple had to enter the market in the enterprise and the government to prepare, apple and old friend IBM in 2014 has reached the development of enterprise user oriented software agreement, and in an interview with Cook on Wednesday, apple with four big accounting firms of DDT reached consulting service for apple enterprise user agreement. BlackBerry has been an important force in the global mobile phone market, in 2002 released the first mobile phone, in 2009 the global smart phone market share of up to 20%. But now the BlackBerry is the decline, in the global smart mobile phone market accounted for only 0.1%, far lower than Apple’s 13.8%, while in the traditional advantages of enterprises, government, military and other markets, has eroded Apple Samsung and other companies. Original title: "Cook is not kind! BlackBerry has just announced its withdrawal from the mobile phone market to make up a knife, the editor: Zhang Hailei相关的主题文章:

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