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Press-Releases GREENVILLE, NC – To further encourage patients to pay close attention to the health, and appearance of their teeth, Drs. Laura Davila and Norberto Velazquez, cosmetic dentists in Greenville, are pleased to offer bleaching specials for the month of June. By offering these bleaching specials, Drs. Davila and Velazquez hope that patients will take an advantage of this unique opportunity to improve the appearance of their smiles this summer. "Whitening and bleaching procedures are quickly becoming the most popular cosmetic procedures ever. However, many of my patients don’t think that they can afford a whitening treatment. To help our patients better understand the benefits of bleaching and how they can afford this treatment this summer, we are pleased to offer bleaching specials this June," said Dr. Laura Davila, Greenville cosmetic dentist. Under the supervision of Drs. Davila and Velazquez, dentists in Greenville, patients can whiten their teeth right in the office in just a single appointment. In-office whitening involves applying a whitening agent to the patient’s teeth and then activating the agent with a special light. Once the whitening solution is activated, the teeth are gently penetrated to remove years of stains and discoloration. The entire process can typically be completed in less than one hour and the results are dramatic. Drs. Davila and Velazquez also offer take-home whitening trays for helping patients maintain and enhance their beautiful white smiles. With this method, Drs. Laura Davila and Norberto Velazquez, Greenville dentists, will create an impression of the patient’s teeth to design custom trays that perfectly fit the patient’s smile. From the comfort of the patient’s home, they can conveniently whiten their teeth using a special bleaching agent that is applied to the trays and worn on the teeth for a specific amount of time. Over the course of several weeks, stains will gradually diminish and a new, bright white will begin shining through. For more information on June’s bleaching specials, patients can visit the website at .www.doctorsdandv[dot]com, or by calling the office at (252) 756-7789. Drs. Laura Davila and Norberto Velazquez, Greenville family dentists, are dedicated to helping their patients smile bigger and brighter this summer season. Further proof of their commitment and dedication can be seen through the available bleaching specials this June. About Drs. Davila & Velazquez, P.A: A husband and wife dental practice, Drs. Davila and Velazquez offer a wide variety of dental services. Both dentists have been in practice for over eight years, providing dental care in areas including dental implants and braces. Drs. Davila and Velazquez concentrate on the concerns and dental needs of their patients of every age. They provide their patients with the highest standards of care available and maintain the highest levels of accreditation by pursuing ongoing education to stay abreast of the latest trends in dentistry. Media Contact: Dr. Laura Davila [email protected] [dot]com 120 Oakmont Drive Greenville, NC 27858 (252) 756-7789 ..doctorsdandv[dot]. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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