Customers to apply for loans that record was the bank staff false credit card (video) ca1806

Customers to apply for loans that record was the bank staff do false credit card customers have in the bank for a bank card, by bank employees and false credit card, but not to the customer, but for their own use, and cause no overdue repayment, customers into the credit blacklist, enabling customers to buy a car now mortgage when the customer refused, in order to maintain their reputation, then tell the bank reputation infringement. Recently, the Fengdu county court found that banks constitute infringement, the bank canceled the credit card, and compensation 10 thousand yuan. Customer: a car loan unsuccessful in May of this year, to apply for a loan to buy a car, the bank was informed of bad credit records, no loans. Then, to some in the people’s Bank of China query personal credit report, the report shows that the account status for payment. To a further inquiry, that in November 2008, Fengdu County, a bank employee without authorization to a consent or circumstances, with a certain identity information to open a credit card, but the card is not given to a bank, but their own use and exchange. To some doubt, may have on bank cards, identity information is fraudulent use of bank employees. Bank: after the behavior of individual employees, compensation to a bank to give their losses, but the bank said that after the incident the employees suspended, and the cancellation of the account. And claimed that the Department’s personal behavior, the unit should not be responsible for this. To this end the two sides have differences. To some in order to maintain their reputation, ordered the bank to court for his name, and claims to the bank 10 thousand yuan in damages and transportation and other expenses. The court: the employer shall bear tort liability. The court held that citizens enjoy the right of reputation, the personal dignity of citizens are protected by law, without a bank employee to consent or authorization, unauthorized use of the plaintiff to a personal identity information to open credit accounts, causing the production of bad records, resulting in reduced to a person the credibility of the reputation of the adverse impact on their lives. The court held that the bank should eliminate the effect and compensate for a certain mental loss. After what happened to a bank and in communication and transfer of relevant evidence when the reasonable transportation fee, the bank should also be compensation. The court held that, although in this case the Department of the bank employees caused, but its account behavior performance of work duties, the relation between the form and the performance of the unit, the employing unit shall assume the tort liability of bank. Therefore, the Fengdu County Court of first instance verdict, the bank canceled the credit card, and compensation 10 thousand yuan. What kind of crime is this? By 2014, Jimei District of Xiamen City, Fujian province procuratorate prosecution Xiao Peng credit card fraud case in court verdict. November 21, 2013, Chen received a phone call from the bank, saying that it has handled a credit card overdraft of more than 10 thousand yuan and arrears for a long time, no repayment, the bank will be held criminally responsible for the police. Chen was surprised that he did not handle the bank credit card. Suddenly, Chen thought that one day in May, he parked the car near the kindergarten in Jimei, the car’s identity card, driving license, driving license, a copy of the purchase contract in Zengdou was stolen. To this end, Chen immediately rushed to the bank相关的主题文章:

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