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Daly and Picasso: the world exhibition in Beijing Picasso and Daly in their eyes is recognized as 20 of the world’s two greatest artistic genius, they transcend time thinking, unique imagination and artistic expression, all aspects of talent, and the legendary life of art, is There is nothing comparable to this in the history of art. Picasso’s eyes of the world is multiple, he completely destroyed the traditional western art in the concept of space and traditional aesthetic. At the same time, from the inspiration from the ancient art, especially African art, to create drama, exaggeration, and even the unique beauty of absurdity. Daly as the world’s most famous surrealist artist, he painted a dream, in a strange and eccentric and unreasonable way, the ordinary image coordinate, distorted or deformed. Daly admitted that he behaved a kind of "revealed by Freud’s personal dream and illusion", create a kind of between reality and fantasy and between concrete and abstract surreal realm. In Daly’s eyes, the world is a double image of his own subjective consciousness and objective material world. In such a mapping relationship, he creates a world of bizarre and grotesque. (as part of Picasso’s works), they analyze the dream and the reality, the divinity and the desire, the material and the illusion, respectively, and create two new ways of image expression. The images they create have an important influence on today’s paintings, films and novels. (above Daly works) famous curator Liu Pengsheng, curator of the eyes of the world, recently held in Beijing Wangfujing Street shopping mall. The exhibition featured 20 prints, Picasso’s works from each period of his works, Dali from its peak of creation, together with you into the eyes of the master of those crazy and wonderful world. (famous curator Mr. Liu Pengsheng, chairman of the Beijing classic cultural elements Co. Ltd. (Hongkong) famous movie star Mr. Gallen Law to visit the exhibition (famous) to Mr. Peng Fei Gallen Law explain art collectors)相关的主题文章:

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