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UnCategorized The most .mon mistake that home-based entrepreneurs make is to treat their home based business as a freelance, part-time job; despite the fact that it may well be their ticket to financial freedom. You must develop an entrepreneurial mindset to be.e successful. Running a business from a store or office is quite different from running a home-based business. For one, you have the extra overheads to consider; rentals, additional equipment, perhaps staff. When operating out of a home on the other hand, these overhead costs can be kept down to a minimum. Many times procrastination sets in when you’re the only one to answer to though. Whether you’ve set up your home based business as a result of having lost a job, developed a new passion or finally taken action on a long-standing one; the trick is to begin with an entrepreneurial mindset. The question to start with is not ‘how do I start my business’, but ‘why am I starting it?’. Once you have your clearly defined answers, the next step is to begin training your mind to think like an entrepreneur. 1. You must be self-motivated: No more pep talks from the boss. If you’re lucky, your family may give you the occasional pat on the shoulder. But for the most part of it, home based owners work for themselves, by themselves. If the going gets tough, consider joining local business groups or organizations with like-minded individuals. You will find support, inspiration and motivation within them. 2. You must be flexible: Working from home means being flexible, whether you like it or not. You do not have a full-time job to rely on anymore and you must wear the cap of the manager, worker, secretary, sale-person and general dogsbody. You don’t necessarily have the luxury of pitching for large accounts or filling large orders, so consider taking on smaller jobs to get started. 3. You must plan ahead: A successful .pany is always in a state of flux. Learn to recognize opportunities and grab them immediately. No matter how small or large your start out, your .pany will survive only if it thrives. And this means sales and expansion plans. Identify opportunities which will allow you to diversify your business and likewise, delete tasks which are expendable. 4. You need to be consistent: Inconsistency is something all of us can readily identify with. Take a simple goal like a diet plan and make a note of how many times you’ve stuck to it. Chances are, you’ve fallen off more times than you’d like to admit. While running a home-based business however, consistency is the key to growth. All plans need to be laid out in advance and adhered to. Relax the slack for a little bit, and you’ll find your .petitors nosing in to take advantage of it. Worse still, you’ll lose the momentum it took you so long to build up. 5. And finally, be aware of setbacks and failures: It’s very rare that a business takes off to a running start. Most home based businesses will see a lot of setbacks and some failures before they begin to succeed. Those entrepreneurs who can go with the flow and adapt as and when is necessary are the ones who are more likely to .e through winners. Be prepared for moments where it’s ‘quiet’ and use this time to read, study and get prepared to ride the next wave. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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