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Driving instructor "drunk driving" was caught, a work lost, but also detained, Jiangbei patrol Five Mile Shop brigade seized a driving instructor drunk driving video screenshot. Jiangbei Traffic and patrol police for map Hualong network October 8th news (reporter Zhu Ke) 12:46 in the National Day holiday has ended, today is the official first day of work, but it seems that there are a lot of people immersed in the new holiday atmosphere can not extricate themselves. Today (8) morning at 9 o’clock, Chongqing Jiangbei Five Mile Shop Service brigade seized the driving coach drunk driving coach serious traffic violations. At 9 a.m., the Five Mile Shop vice captain patrols to the five mile bus stop, and finds a coach parked in the bus parking port, where the driver sees the police approaching and immediately drives into the side road. With many years of work experience of police suspected that the driver suspicious, immediately catch up before the car stopped. Asked by the police, the driver claimed to be drunk last night, lying in the car after a short rest, ready to receive students. The alcohol breath test was carried out, the result was 49mg 100ml, suspected of drunk driving. Reporters from Jiangbei Five Mile Shop patrol brigade was informed that, according to the regulations, the coach drunk driving operation of motor vehicles, is a serious traffic violations. He will be sentenced to revoke the motor vehicle driver’s license, within five years shall not be admitted again, and impose a fine of 5000 yuan, administrative detention for 15 days punishment. At present, the case is under further treatment. Video only for extended reading, irrelevant to this article, driving instructor driving license was revoked, people were detained

驾校教练“酒驾”被抓个正着 工作丢了还要被拘留江北交巡警五里店大队查获一起驾校教练酒驾视频截图。江北交巡警供图华龙网10月8日12时46分讯(记者 祝可)国庆假期已经结束,今天是正式上班第一天,不过似乎还有不少市民沉浸在节假日“醉生梦死”的气氛里不可自拔。今(8)日早上9时许,重庆江北五里店勤务大队就查获了驾校教练酒后驾驶教练车的严重交通违法行为。上午9时许,五里店勤务大队副大队长巡逻至五里店公交车站处时,发现一辆教练车停放在公交停车港内,车内驾驶员见民警靠近时立即驾车驶入侧面支路。凭民警多年的工作经验怀疑该车驾驶员行迹可疑,立即追赶上前将该车拦下。经民警询问,该车驾驶员自称是昨晚喝的酒,今早躺在车内稍作休息后准备接学员。于是对其进行酒精呼气检测,结果为49mg 100ml,涉嫌酒后驾驶。记者从江北五里店交巡警大队获悉,根据规定,该教练员酒后驾驶营运机动车,属于严重交通违法行为。他将被处以吊销机动车驾驶证、五年内不得重新考取,并处罚款5000元、行政拘留15日的处罚。目前,该案正在进一步处理中。视频仅供延伸阅读,与本文无关 驾校教练酒驾 驾照被吊销人被拘留相关的主题文章:

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