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Drunk driving man in police acting crazy water bursting   broke into the female toilets (Figure) – Fujian Channel – people.com.cn man blowing test tricks correspondent Kuai Guohui she kept calling, crazy drink and toilet, even broke into the toilet, deliberately to delay the time, trying to reduce the alcohol content in the body. In October 4th, Suiyue freeway driving drunk man in front of the police’s performance called winner". On the same day at 8 pm, Hubei Police Corps Jingshan police brigade in Suiyue freeway Jingshan station to carry out special rectification actions of drunk driving. 8:35 Xu, Zhang Wei, a police officer on a black Audi car Jiangsu license checks, Audi driver’s mouth kept saying nothing, nothing, and are brothers". In the process of talking with the driver of the police, the smell of a gas, suspected that the man is drunk driving, they asked the man to undergo alcohol detection. The police are preparing to test the blow, the man suddenly with the police to urinate, urine after man began to stop the call, the police asked the man to hang up the phone, take a breath test, the man said and want to go to the toilet. The police asked the man received after blowing test, go to the toilet. The man deliberately blowing in a very short time, did not reach the blowing time requirements, and leave a gap on both sides of the mouth, blowing side leakage, resulting in alcohol tester to detect alcohol content. The police told the man to communicate patiently after half an hour, the police again for a man blowing test, men resorted to tricks, change for blowing suction. The police had to prepare, the man was taken to the hospital for blood testing, he began to cooperate with the police to blow. Results the result of alcohol tester is 149mg ml, which belongs to drunk driving. Man poured 4 bottles of mineral water, trying to reduce the body’s alcohol content correspondent Kuai Guohui photo according to the relevant requirements of drunk driving to investigate and deal with the requirements of the police to take the man to the hospital for blood tests. The doctor do the blood preparation, the man has proposed to go to the toilet, and contact with friends on the phone sent a few bottles of mineral water, keep drinking water and toilet, has to go to the toilet 4 times, during which there is a woman broke into the toilet in disorderly fashion. After drinking 4 bottles of mineral water, the toilet for 4 times, the man has proposed to "large", the police will take them to the toilet, the stay in the bathroom for 20 minutes to come out. To and fro after more than an hour in the hospital, the man consciousness slowly awake, that to accept the blood test. After inspection, the blood results for 181.88mg ml, is a serious drunk driving. According to the man, he surnamed Li, on the same day in Jingshan and a group of friends "continuous operation", at noon and in the evening drink liquor. Night after drinking, ready to drive back to Suizhou alone, the results in the preparation of the highway, was found by the police. Asked why drink after driving?" Li said it was lucky that the National Day holiday, no one check. Currently, Lee drunken driving violations will be sentenced to the traffic police department revoked the driver’s license, suspected of dangerous driving crime will be on file for investigation. According to the people相关的主题文章:

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