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Depression Adolescent depression can be identified through various signs or symptoms. If you find your adolescent child is facing some kind of problem in their life, you need to immediately seek for help and sort out the problem before it be.es a burden for them. Adolescent is a time of change where your child suffers to bridge the gap between the childhood and adolescent. You can expect them to be moody, isolate or irritable. We should not get confused between teenage behavior and depression. Signs for depression in Adolescent If your child is not able to meet the goals of his life, including poor grades in his studies is definitely a warning sign of depression. If your child stay isolated from family and friends then this behavior is also considered as one of the warning sign. Other signs include feeling hopeless, lack of happiness, low self esteem. They may not concentrate on anything, forget things soon and changes in their appetite and sleep may occur. They may be.e restless, irritable and agitated at times. Causes of the depression Causes for depression are almost same for all. Death of a pet or a friend can cause this feeling. Other reasons include loss of a job, break ups; failure in school, getting suicidal thought is also the reason for depression. Treatments Adolescent therapy can play a major role in helping children to .e out of the depression state. Various techniques like art, music are used to identify their problems and rectify them. It is very important and prior to rule out any physical illness in the children. Once the physical illness is eliminated, adolescent therapy can be done effectively. The main objective of adolescent therapy is to eliminate negative thoughts and help them to face the world with confidence and develop self esteem. Apart from adolescent therapy medications are also followed to get better results. Anti depressants can have negative effects on children below 21 years . Therefore alternate therapies can be followed which are natural and have fewer side effects Adolescents are unique group of people that face changes physically and emotionally. They are notoriously sad, moody and irritable. You need to get help if you feel your child is suffering from depression. Before getting help from therapists, try to identify their problem by talking to them and spending time with them. Show them love and affection so that they dont feel lonely and depressed. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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