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[eighty-fourth] for the period of the media world Buddhist applause: bloom in the North American people visit Canada Phoenix founder of tanzan Vihara empty elders (source: Phoenix Buddhist meditation camp in New York) to master Hsin Tao (source: Phoenix Buddhism Photography: pass) Canada Toronto Chinese Temple Forum (source: Phoenix Buddhism Photography: Lynn) University of Toronto the dialogue scene (source: Phoenix Buddhism Photography: Lynn) peace and religion, Boston University Institute of world affairs Roundtable (source: Phoenix Buddhism Photography: pass) Boston Chinese Bible Church studying dialogue (source: Phoenix Buddhism Photography: pass) ifeng.com North American Buddhist cultural exchange group into the Harvard University (source: Phoenix Buddhism photograph: Pass (New York branch) visited Tzu Chi’s photograph Phoenix: Buddhist Photography: pass the Columbia University new media dialogue) (source: Phoenix Buddhism Photography: pass) visiting the United States solemn Temple (source: Phoenix Buddhism Photography: pass) the Wei Dedong media, including new media, is usually defined as a disseminator of information. Of course, this may still be the basic function of the media. However, in this era of multimedia and since the media, the parties, onlookers can directly be the publisher of the news. All kinds of information from the media to sweep all terminals, traditional media used to publish the advantages of information faced with unprecedented or even fatal challenges. Therefore, we can see that the media is no longer just the release of other people’s information, but directly involved in the era, from a professional perspective to become the story of the constructor. The success of planning: to enhance the China Buddhism media international and professional quality of September 5, 2016 to 21, ifeng.com organization of North America with the success of the Buddhist cultural exchange is by the media organization, implementation and release of cultural exchange activities. Ifeng.com professional to the accurate market positioning, rich communication experience, highly organized, as academic advisors by scholars, the master, to network video broadcast live text, in-depth reports for communication, the website and the mobile terminal, WeChat and other forms of media as the carrier, to the full range of Internet users at home and abroad the reader, the audience, introduces the latest development of North American Buddhism, including Buddhism places, law important and academic institutions, etc.. The phoenix also through the construction of the story of cultural exchanges and communication, greatly enhance the international and professional quality of the team, to consolidate the leading position in the industry. From the perspective of Pluralism: North American Buddhism shows for the first time from the audience’s perspective panoramic layout, the North American Buddhist cultural exchange delegation system shows the eastern Canada and Buddhist organizations and academic institutions, make the audience feel personally on the scene of the latest development of North American buddhism. From Toronto to Boston, New York, Washington, in just two weeks, the delegation visited Toronto tanzan Vihara, lingyanshan Chinese Temple, New York, Tzu Chi temple, solemn Temple of Fo Guang Shan Buddhist temple, in the history of land law is the biggest, the Gridhrakuta mountain road in New York master heart meditation class instruction in North America. The academic advisor at the University of Toronto, Harvard Divinity School speech Chinese Buddhism at the Columbia University live famous scholars on Buddhism in the United States, at the Boston University, the Georgetown University and the leading scholars held.相关的主题文章:

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