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Election vote countdown 48 hours: Trump single day run, the original title of the five states: the countdown to 48 hours! Trump single day run five states Hilary locked the traditional constituency [global network Roundup] U.S. presidential election countdown. Agence France-Presse reported that in November 7th, in the election only 48 hours of Sunday, Republican presidential candidate Trump stepped up the campaign rhythm, "running" day in five states; and Democratic presidential candidate Hilary Clinton on Sunday to lock the traditional Democratic constituencies. Hilary’s prediction, Hispanic and African American ethnic groups will be the key to vote; Trump’s advisers pointed out that the campaign site to show the people the enthusiasm is expected to help Trump win. Last Sunday’s U.S. presidential election poll results show that Hilary’s support was four percentage points ahead of Trump. The Democratic candidate Hilary Bode J Da’s campaign manager said to the media: "we are entering the last weekend, feeling very relaxed. But there’s a lot of work to do." The Republican candidate Trump’s campaign director general Conway through the Republican National Committee, told reporters on the phone, Trump was extended to the past in favor of democratic state. Sources said the two parties on the eve of the vote in the United States have a solid vote strategy, the Republican Party’s commitment to Trump will go into the traditional Democratic ticket warehouse, on behalf of him not to give up the fight for voters outside the Republican party. Hilary is in the last few days before attention who usually support the Democratic candidate, but need to work harder cuipiao voters. Trump in Minnesota and Michigan for campaign activities, the two states respectively since 1972 and since 1988 has not supported the Republican nomination. According to the poll, this situation should not change this year, but Trump still put these two states in his 1 days running in the election of the 5 states. Trump weekend in Reno, Nevada (Reno) campaign, because of "chaos" by the security personnel escorted in a hurry to leave. One protester was briefly arrested, claiming to be a Republican, but against Trump as president. The latest Reuters and Ipsos (Reuters) tracking poll shows that Hilary’s support in the United States was 44%, Trump was $39%, led by 5 percentage points in the. In Florida, North Carolina, the two swing states, Hilary has been from the original master advantages into a toss. Reuters easy to cable all the States did not investigate the forecast, Hilary winning probability of 90%. Another Nbc National Broadcasting Company (NBC) and the "Wall Street journal" published the last poll in the American presidential election, Democratic presidential candidate Hilary received the support of the leading Republican opponent Trump four percentage points. According to the poll, Hilary was supported by 44% respondents, ahead of Trump’s 40%. Editor: the flourishing SN123相关的主题文章:

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