Ferrari plans to upgrade the car Vitel believes the team has a chance running man20130526

Ferrari plans to upgrade the car Vitel believes the team still has the opportunity to Vitel sina sports news on the station, the impact of the podium in the hopes of qualifying for the suspension of the breakdown of the breakdown of the. He had to start from the end, although still finished fifth, but this is not the Germans want to win or the top three. At present, the Red Bull team in the team’s top 15 points Ferrari, Ferrari also intends to upgrade this season, Vitel believes they have a chance. "I believe that if everything is ready, we can get some results. Some games we can not do their best, for their own reasons and external reasons. The situation is not as we want to develop, our ranking is not satisfactory. I think we need to believe in ourselves, we are good and bad at the moment but like in Singapore, we are very close to the others. Ferrari wants to be competitive, there will always be someone on the podium, but unfortunately not Ferrari. But we have confidence, we’re here for the game." The Ferrari team declined to say what will be added to the rest of the game, but he says everyone is determined to do better. "There are 6 games and we need to do well if we aim at second." (Mc.Dull)相关的主题文章:

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