Finally to find himself, but has not mind

Finally to find himself, but I do not mind has no public concern "Sina micro plastic, see more wonderful original content! Source: it is interesting to say goodbye in the past, when the harvest lost 017, asked me how much money this book, I was under the scorching sun Lianju, two subjects. Talk to her off and on. She said: "the How much, but also to consider whether to sign to me, or to point to?" I said: "send you a copy of it to the address, if not for you, I would not have insight, there is no book." She said: "I have always wanted to ask, how much I hurt you?" I said: "this book in recent years to return to the blood, the story broke, the shadow is you, the truth is i." The rough life, in a hurry, did not forget, part time will let the dead feelings into the body, some heart, some caecum. 02 "Hello, you are also 91 years, I am also, we have to refuel after 90." It was 2008, the wind Lin Cheng September cool, she greeted. At that time did not know how to say love, love to meet people, but often only. I will continuously received her message, caring, funny or mass, she often come into my room, comments, occasional compliment. So I thought that she appreciates me and I don’t like dogs to snatch the rampage, but hiding quietly in the corner, I wrote a lot about her poetry in those boring math courses. One step closer, she will accompany me to see a doctor, invited me to learn to dance ballroom dancing, ice skating together after the collapse of the pressure together. Several times out of the way to call me how to go, I play when I bring snacks. Class election results have been produced, she refused to accept the requirements of organizational election, she personally chair. I started to hang on to QQ and watched every song she heard, and wrote down the lyrics that she thought she’d feel. Then I will write something to attempt an ineffective solution, such as "the day I know love you", for example, "if we don’t meet each other", such as "to 7": there is a Xianfeng not conquered, and cheap is not stopped, only to cater to the absurd, loneliness is not bitter. To cater to the absurd meet 03 first "night", October 2009, I and she always AUO, lianrenweiman. We play very hi, a six, four playing mahjong, punishment is painting hualian. I pretend not to participate, and she shared a quilt to see the next stop, happiness. I don’t understand why a girl can cry like that. Other people joked, "don’t envy Liang Xiaole (little bin played), you can also have a fat, the crystallization will be so clever". She was disgusted, even I feel like a child. At that time I was too naive, a lot of things are stupid to believe. I said: "I would like to be your reality in the flower extension also (cloud prepared fetal male two)." She said, "cut."." Later, her world broke into a lot of tall and handsome相关的主题文章:

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