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Four color vision   is a kind of existence? – Science and technology – People’s original title: four-color vision is a kind of existence? Humans usually have 3 kinds of cones, each cell can distinguish between the same color of about 100 tones. So normal people can see about 1 million different colors. But what if humans had 4 cones? Then the man could see 100 million colors, which the common people would never have thought of. This kind of person is called "four colors"". Most people see a buttercup, can only say the flower is yellow. But it is said that some people can see many other colors in the petals of the edge, this is called tetrachromats, can see almost 100 times more color than ordinary people, but the people in real life really exist? Recently, some media reports, the British nervous system scientists claimed that they spent 25 years finally found the legendary four-color vision – that is, those who have extra retinal cone cells. They predicted that the women they were looking for were able to see more than 99 million colors of the average person, and that such a person may be quite a few. How do humans distinguish colors? "There are two types of photoreceptor cells in the human retina: rods and cones. The rods will play a role in the dark condition, no color recognition, so people can see objects in the dark, but cannot distinguish the colors. In the light environment, the role of the cone cells. We are able to see the color, thanks to cones, they can absorb light waves of different lengths, and then send the information to the brain, through the processing of the brain to produce what we call color." Beijing Tongren Hospital center of optometry optometry physician You Yuxia said. She told the science and Technology Daily reporter, there are several cones, known as a few color. For example, under normal circumstances, the existence of the human retina can induce red, green, blue 3 kinds of cones, which is called the three color vision. Red, green and blue is also known as primary colors, can be combined with a riot of colour. According to the study, each type of cone cells can let the human eye to distinguish about 100 levels of color, therefore, the general theory of trichromatic color can distinguish between the 1 million colors. "But when the three cones in all or part of the problem, there will be dyschromatopsia." You Yuxia said, dyschromatopsia, can be divided into complete and incomplete color blindness. Achromatopsy people color lost all the functions can distinguish between black and white and gray 3 colors; not completely blind people can identify some color, just some color is not recognized, the most common is the anerythrochloropsia. "Superman" was found? Since there is blindness, so will some people can have 4 kinds of cones? In 1948, a Holland scientist put forward the claim for the first time. He found in the inspection achromates, men have two cones and a variation of the normal, there are 3 kinds of normal and a variation of women. Even if this variant of the cell is of no use, it shows that human beings can have more than one相关的主题文章:

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