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Friends borrowed 50 thousand and 15 months also nearly half of the principal or interest? In daily life, because of the tight hand to find someone to borrow money is commonplace, and some do not charge interest, even if the interest is only oral agreement. The lender has to creditors is also part of the money, it is really a principal or interest that is not clear, resulting in many private lending disputes. Wanzhou emergency lend money to friends, Mr. Wang encountered such trouble, it fought two battles to maintain their own interests. No written agreement between friends to borrow money interest citizen who lives in Wanzhou, Mr. Wang and Mr. Liu is an acquaintance, although usually not very frequent exchanges, but both have a certain understanding, and two people through the establishment of a foundation of mutual trust relationship between friends who have difficulty, as long as can help. In late July 2013, due to the urgent need for a tight hand Liu money, they find Mr. Wang borrowing 50 thousand yuan. Subsequently, Mr. Wang by bank transfer 50 thousand yuan to Mr. Liu, Mr. Liu to Mr. Wang issued a receipt in the transfer voucher back "(actually a IOU) stated: Mr. Wang received 50 thousand yuan, Mr. Liu to the payee, time is July 29, 2013. At that time, the two sides did not agree on the basis of mutual trust repayment time and interest, but verbally agreed to a monthly interest rate of 3%, Mr. Liu to pay $1500 per month. Since then, Mr. Liu is also very good faith, in 15 months time, one after another to pay the king of $22 thousand and 500. November 2014, the two sides have paid more than 2 yuan in a dispute. Because there is no written agreement, Mr. Liu said he returned to Mr. Wang’s money is the principal, while Mr. Wang said the two sides agreed to pay the sum of the interest is paid. Last June, Mr. Wang had no choice but to go to court to ask for loans and interest. The court also found that the money is the interest of the Wanzhou District Court held that the legal relationship between the legitimate legal relationship between the borrower, Mr. Liu borrowed 50 thousand yuan to the fact that the king is clear, the court shall be identified. The two sides focus of controversy whether verbal agreement in borrowing the monthly interest rate of 3%, the court held that, from July 2013 to October 2014 a total of 15 months, or at the beginning of the month or the end of the month, Mr. Liu, Mr. Wang to the basic fixed monthly repayment of 1500 yuan (the monthly interest rate of 3%), with private lending trading habits, Mr. Liu actual performance and both sides of the statement, Mr Liu advocated a monthly repayment of 1500 yuan Department of the payment of interest is more close to the objective reality. Accordingly, the court found the 3% monthly interest rate loan verbal agreement facts established, Mr. Liu has argued that Mr. Wang 22 thousand and 500 yuan to repay the principal reason is inadmissible. Wanzhou District Court of first instance verdict: Mr. Liu in the 15 days after the entry into force of the judgment, the principal repayment of the loan principal and interest of Mr. Wang (annual interest rate of 24%, calculated from November 1, 2014 to pay off). After the first instance verdict, Mr. Liu always think he called Mr. Wang’s money is still the principal. Liu refused to accept the verdict, appeal to the city court. Recently, the court of second instance to dismiss the appeal and upheld the final judgment. Judge said: the borrower should be recognized as a monthly repayment of interest相关的主题文章:

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