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Software Gaming has taken a front seat as has be.e of the major reasons for its success. Some of the features that can be credited are as follows. Screen Size of the screen in iPhone is .paratively larger in iPhone; it is 9 cm or 320 X 480 px at 160 dpi. There is no keyboard required, as the touch screen is big and usable enough to play the games, its easier and handier to play with just touches here and there. Touch screen sensors are another feature, which gives a unique appeal to the iPhone gaming since it is only form of input for iPhone. Peripheral support Many of the iphone game developers see the opportunity to mimic the joystick like devices for iPhone by this feature, to add a peripheral support for iPhone would add more in the gaming experience. iControlPad is one of such peripheral supports for iPhone. The peripheral enables your iPhone to be in a casing that allows for a PSP like feel. It adds physical buttons to the iPhone for the purpose of playing games. The iControlPad will be providing full SDK support, and also source code so developers can get their games to work with the unit. GPS navigation A GPS turn by turn navigation feature of the iPhone allows your position to be accurately tracked even as far as direction using the .pass opens up a lot of gaming possibilities. Parallel kingdom is one of such games. This game is a role playing game that uses GPS to place the virtual world on top of the real world. Multiplayer functionality During update of OS 3.0 the multiplayer functionality has been added by Apple. This peer to peer functionality for games is an added advantage for gaming industry. It is not only exciting for players, but also for developers to create games with new concepts. Outer Empire is one of the examples of multiplayer games. Advantages of iPhone 3GS IPhone 3GS have some distinct advantages of iPhone game developers. Very first and obvious one is its graphic support. No other mobile have such clear graphics support on 160 dpi screen. Second is its processor speed and Inter. connectivity. Moto Chaser is one of the TV game versions which are supported by iPhone at the speed of 26 fps (frames per seconds) that is nearly as good as 30 fps normally found on the TV. Finally its storage capacity that is roughly 32 GB that distinctly offers advantages to the games. Apps store The biggest advantage for the gaming industry is Apps Store. The marketing and development are two facets of the gaming industry. Apps Store fulfills the marketing needs beautifully by its policies and transfers all economic advantages to the developers. Apps Store provides the platform to bring the game live on and offer consumers to give feed back for it. Finally make the developer being able to provide updated versions of the software based on user feedback. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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