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"Getaway" double 11 released Zhang Yishan stills chest muscle film "getaway" entertainment Tencent before the announced schedule, fierce competition officially joined the singles file. To this end, the film side deliberately released a heavy bomb group " " Zhang Yishan, stills, He Yunwei nude twin stills exposure. Two, the stills look frightened, hidden in the pink gauze, very with drama. Small meat Zhang Yishan chest also appeared for the first time, let " all the fans shouted for release! Seeking perspective! " Zhang Yishan COS new high beggar after reproduction " naked " "getaway" mounted film tells the story of the rich two generations have neither learning nor skill (Zhou Xiaoyi Zhang Yishan) after a super hangover, into a dream like space journey. In a series of events due to all sorts of accidental mishaps with good friends, hammer (He Yunwei) eventually punish, but also to find the true meaning of the story of growth and responsibility. As a market of rare 3D storm "comedy," whether people or clothing from every other are under a lot of hard effort, the whole team is very professional and serious. This finely crafted artisan spirit also let the small meat Zhang Yishan very touched, not only after reading the script, take the initiative to get in the play, it is his costume movie debut, " fully liberalized interpretation of a variety of other COS’ strength. From before the red network " value; Yan noodles head " to cause many imitation " beggar " to the exposure of " nude modeling " one, very style, full topic. Many users also said that " is simply a lifetime series! " " actually saw the veteran Zhang Yishan half naked stills, I must be a good movie to mountain film! " laughter and tears to create new categories of domestic comedy as the domestic film market rare 3D costume comedy, "the getaway" appear impressive. Grand towering real shooting, atmospheric aggressive war scenes, 3D really extraordinary experience are many early viewing audience praise, shouted " " unexpectedly;. In this regard, the play producer side also said, " do such a play is actually trying to do a try. Conscientiously do a good job in every aspect, do a conscience play, this is a movie people will have the desire. We do not want to blame the market, just want to do their own, most people have a laugh and tears can make some people think about the story, I believe the audience will make a fair choice. " it is because of such a spirit of ingenuity, in the film has not been released when the film won the three San Francisco International Film Festival new concept award, after viewing, many foreign visitors have to praise. Flying is sincerity and strength, very exciting.相关的主题文章:

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