Guangdong Media Group Gao Hongbo not fight cowardly people with misconduct lost an opportunity to

Guangdong Media Group Gao Hongbo: not fight cowardly people with misconduct lost an opportunity to grab points [3 minutes] battlefield 2 ball Orangemen 2-3 Korea Yu Hai Hao Junmin broke the original title: not fight cowardly people in South Korea at the foot of misconduct, 2 more than 3 can be accepted, but can not accept is the weak first half display no resistance the. The first half, the Orangemen like amateur team, no technology, no individual overall tactics, play like a paste, and the coaching tactics about. Away from home, and at a disadvantage in strength, enough to teach practice inertia resorted to traditional routine defensive counterattack, get 1 points is the victory; therefore the first half or even longer period of time to stand up, do not concede. Personal ability than competitors, increase the number of defense; but the Orangemen defense did not stand each other, that is against South Korea, Southeast Asia also keep struggling. "No intention on mouse hole" stolen 1 points, the coach group did not fight cowardly. Renhang was awarded the state a lot of bad experience Chinese AFC Champions League player has less konghan". A fight with opponents, many players think; but the tactical coaching dampened the player’s desire to fight to a great extent. After the second half to increase the intensity of the attack, the country even into two balls, proved to have the ability to fight with the opponent. The South Korean team facing the open country foot, when a scare, rush. The two side is after explosion, is the biggest failure. Ren and Zhang Linpeng bad state, how can you enter the starting lineup? The national football coach Gao Hongbo has repeatedly said publicly that the selection standard is to look at the state of "I don’t believe in any of the players, be sure to choose a higher rate of league players, the physical state of good players, called the players can use to". This summer because of renhang transfer and Jiangsu Suning naojiang, it has been three or four months did not participate in the league, only with the reserve team training status and competitive level has nothing to do with Gao Hongbo as can be imagined, supposedly by people standard. A war last night, renhang left guarding the country after the full two defense Its loopholes appeared one after another., throw the ball, he is directly responsible. If the state, Jiang Zhipeng is the main force of the Guangzhou left back, offensive and defensive ends of the performance are very good, why not? See Zhang Linpeng again. Because of injuries, he has a significant decline in the number of players in Guangzhou Hengda in recent months, nearly a league was also changed midway. Zhang Linpeng is not good and agile, coaches should know. The three goal in the foot, is a breakthrough from the side of Zhang Linpeng. Gao Hongbo said after the game, look at the state of the players, not a season and a month, but there are 24 hours and 36 hours of testing, but the last night to play a bad two, to prove that the state is not good. In fact, the South Korean team did not show the first-class team of Asian style. Only three days of training, players in Europe at the beginning of the season to the best competitive state, the South Korean team performance greatly reduced. States enough to miss the opportunity to seize the opportunity, it is a pity. Yangcheng Evening News correspondent Lin Benjian (from Seoul)相关的主题文章:

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