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Guangxi for the safe use of electricity, 25 days before the legislation to solicit views of the community of Guangxi daily news (reporter Chen Yize Nanning     correspondent Wang Junhang) with the rapid economic growth, increasing the number of power users, but users are not safe for safe and stable operation of power grids and public safety are seriously affected by electric behavior. Recently, the regional office of Legislative Affairs announced "electricity safety management measures of the autonomous region (Draft)", to solicit opinions from the public, the community can put forward opinions and suggestions by e-mail and mail before September 25th. It is reported that in order to regulate the behavior of electricity in our region, to maintain safe and stable operation of power grid, to ensure the safety of people’s life and property, the draft from the security service, the demand for electricity, electricity safety legal responsibilities were clear specification: in the management of government departments duties, regulations at or above the county level power management department is responsible for within the administrative region of the power user electricity safety management work, development and reform, energy, safety supervision, city management departments in accordance with their respective duties related to the safety management of electric power supply enterprise; for the safe use of electricity power supply enterprises shall stipulate the obligation to strengthen the transmission and distribution equipment and facilities security management, carry out safety operation of the power grid, major activities to guarantee the power supply special electricity inspection, strengthen the important power supply facilities maintenance and management, eliminate safety All hidden trouble, make emergency plan, prevent and avoid accident, ensure power supply safety. In addition, the draft also provides for power users should improve the electrical safety management system, follow the power allocation standard, consciously regulate electrical engineering construction, according to the use of qualified products, regular electricity facilities maintenance and other obligations, for the user of electricity safety foundation. 广西为“安全用电”立法 25日前征求社会各界意见   广西日报南宁讯 (记者 陈贻泽 通讯员 王隽航)随着经济快速增长,电力用户数量不断增多,但用户的不安全用电行为给电网安全稳定运行和社会公共安全都造成严重影响。近日,自治区法制办公布《自治区安全用电管理办法(征求意见稿)》,公开征求意见,社会各界在9月25日前可通过电子邮件、信函等方式提出意见和建议。   据悉,为规范我区安全用电行为,维护电网安全稳定运行,保障人民群众生命财产安全,该征求意见稿从安全用电要求、安全用电服务、法律责任等方面进行了明确规范:在政府部门的管理职责方面,规定县级以上电力管理部门负责本行政区域内电力用户安全用电的管理工作,各级发展改革、能源、安全生产监督、城市管理等部门按照各自职责做好安全用电的相关管理工作;对于供电企业安全用电义务,明确规定供电企业应当加强输变配电设备设施安全管理,开展电网安全运行、重大活动保供电专项用电检查,加强重要供电设施的运行维护与管理,排除安全隐患,制定应急预案,防止和避免事故发生,确保供电安全。   此外,该征求意见稿还规定了电力用户应当健全安全用电管理制度、遵守电源配置标准、自觉规范受电工程建设、依法使用合格产品、定期进行用电设施检修维护等方面的义务,为用户安全用电奠定基础。相关的主题文章:

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