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Today I switched on my .puter and after a short while I need to access some information that I had backed up on my external hard drive. I had bought and started to use the external hard drive after I had suffered a .puter failure some 12 months or so ago and because it had caused me so many problems decided that at long last I ought to take the advice of everyone online and backup my vital files and information on a regular basis. The external hard drive I purchased was the PixaOne silver flycase and at the time was sufficiently large enough with a 160 gig capacity and at that time was well priced for my needs. I had used the backup external hard drive on a regular basis and never suffered any problems and had used it today without any problems until after about one hour or so. On trying to access the external hard drive through the normal channels I clicked on the access icon and was presented with a box saying that the hard drive was not formatted and could not be accessed with formatting it and as a consequence any information or files already on it would be lost. As you can imagine I was quite distraught thinking of all the vital information that I would lose, after all this was my backup and that was the whole idea of buying it in the first place. After making searches on the internet I found many similar problems had happened to other users, not only of my particular hard drive but a vast array of other external hard drives and main .puter hard drives alike. As a consequence of this information it would appear that with any vital information it is worthwhile making backup copies not once but several times and on different hard drives and even cd’s. As far as my own lost information was concerned I searched the internet for any software that was capable of recovery and after trying several demo versions decided that the best as far as I was concerned was the Recovermyfiles software. The Recovermyfiles software was extremely easy to set up and amazingly was able to scan my hard drive and give me the opportunity to recover all my files and folders that I though were lost for ever. The cost of the software .pared to employing professionals to recover my data was extremely .petitive and well worth trying in the first instance should you experience any lost data problems. 相关的主题文章:

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