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After Hart suspected farewell Manchester City Guardiola: I am here to do sports Sohu – 1 to 0 victory over Manchester City home court Steaua Bucharest, with a total score of 6 to 0 easily qualify for the Champions League race. This game, Joe Hart as captain debut and has with " > gaoqingtu: Hart waved like saying goodbye to the fans and sign 1 to 0 victory over Manchester City captain home court Steaua Bucharest, with a total score of 6 to 0 easily qualify for the Champions League race. This game, Joe Hart as captain debut and has repeatedly with great saves, become a major contributor to the blue moon zero closure Romania giants. After the game, the three lions accepted the media interview, the suspect is to say goodbye to Manchester City fans. In this regard, Guardiola also talked about Joe – Hart’s situation, said the full understanding of the reaction of the fans, bluntly that he came to Manchester City coach is to call the shots. Against Steaua Bucharest after the end of the game, a person walking out to the fans in the stands waved, not to touch the shirt badge. The three lions abroad in this scene, so that the presence of supporters is very sad. He said in an interview after the game: tonight is a special night for me, we all know the situation now. Here (Edie Harder Stadium) is a special existence for me, and I have never denied that. The football world is always change unpredictably, we are adults, with peace, to properly handle the matter ability. We have a world-class coach, he always has his own views and opinions on things. I’m starting tonight and I’m enjoying every minute of the game." Although in such a game of no importance, it ushered in the first stage of the Guardiola era, but Joe Hart throughout the game always very devoted, not only saves many dedicated 16 passes, and 100% success. In this regard, Joe Hart said with a smile: "ha ha, pigs can fly, isn’t it?" Although there is no direct representation will leave Manchester City, but these words have three lions abroad to make the fans realize that their old hero might really have to bid farewell to the blue moon. Especially with Chile goalkeeper Bravo joined soon, Joe Hart will become even more embarrassing situation. For this Joe – Hart suspected "over war", many City fans very sad. In this regard, Guardiola attitude is still very tough. The Catalonia coach said: "Joe Hart is still our player, I know he is the legendary player for his performance today, feel happy for Manchester City fans for his attitude. But I came here to make a decision, in my career, I have made some good decisions and bad decisions. However, I can’t deny my feelings. I’m honest with Joe Hart, the club and myself. I want everyone to be happy with my decision, but it’s not realistic at all." Guardiola added: "I fully understand the reaction of the fans and understand that they are not happy with my decision. Joe – Hart’s contribution to the club over the years is obvious to all, he paid more to the team than I do, I came here only 1 more相关的主题文章:

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