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Hawthorn red, blood, beauty, beauty and taste – Sohu health director Zhang Bo, the PLA No.306 Hospital, Department of traditional Chinese medicine, also called shanligong, finishing the hawthorn fruits, fruit rouge, jampanese shanlihong or Hawthorn dried ripe fruit, soft, thin flesh, sweet and sour moderate, unique flavor. Hawthorn has very high nutritional value and medical value, the elderly eat hawthorn products can increase appetite, improve sleep, keep constant, bones and blood calcium in the prevention of atherosclerosis, so hawthorn is regarded as "longevity food". Small deciduous tree of the Rosaceae, bark dark gray, light yellow lenticels, branchlets purplish brown leaves alternate or in short branch leaves fascicled, broadly ovate, corymb, white flowers, late pink, spherical fruit, deep red cooked, surface light spots. According to the "Yi" set: "sound machine, such as the plum tree, such as fingers, such as small red millet, edible, the hawthorn." Hawthorn fruit flavor is slightly sweet, is fresh, causal contains red pigment and pectin, more suitable for processing into hawthorn tablets, hawthorn cake, candy, candied fruit, ice, hawthorn sauce, canned Tomatoes on sticks, preserved fruit, candied fruit, hawthorn juice, hawthorn, hawthorn wine etc.. Autumn is getting stronger, a lot of fruit gradually mature, hawthorn is one of them. The seasonal fresh hawthorn is one or two months, then do not eat, wait a year. This is a small red fruit is really popular, even in peacetime haw not eat much, but every year or plan a novelty, buy some on a platter, swinging can feel the autumn. Some Hawthorn bought back some hard, put on the two day to enjoy enough, the flesh becomes soft, when it is to eat. Hawthorn: Hawthorn two eat ice sugar, sweet and sour Hawthorn this approach really very simple, but tastes great love, people will eat sweet and sour taste. Material: hawthorn, rock sugar, sugar (or sugar) approach: Hawthorn wash, go nuclear knife method according to their own habits, both ends of the pedicle to remove, to nuclear Hawthorn to timely soak in cold water, to prevent the oxidation of black; the pot with water, boil, add melting candy, put the Hawthorn into, cook for 1 minutes, turn off the heat, the water filter, is good to drink sugar Hawthorn water; the left in the pot of Hawthorn do not rush to dish out some sugar, while hot into the mix, fire, the remaining sauce is dry to eat. Eat when you can sprinkle some sugar, taste better. Note that the Hawthorn do not cook too long, otherwise easy to crack; sugar and sugar consumption according to their own taste, taste the side edge. Hawthorn Xiaoshi, especially the energy dissipation of carnivorous product "Compendium of Materia Medica" is recorded: "where the spleen weak, food digestion, abdominal fullness acid thorn, in each food after chewing two or three pieces, perfect." Chinese medicine believes that hawthorn on the elimination of fat, meat products have a very good role. Usually the stew if adding a few hawthorn, can not only remove the fishy taste, the soup is not greasy, improve taste, can promote digestion and also enable carnivorous, hawthorn meat stew was faster Sulan, said three of its beauty. Blood stasis and blood stasis dysmenorrhea female attention, if you do not want to take medicine, you can use the hawthorn.相关的主题文章:

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