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Hengda rent 20 years decimating private enterprises open rent sports mode – Sports Sohu Guangzhou daily news (reporter correspondent Zhang Zhe Chen Jian Group) Guangzhou football reform in the country in the first step, yesterday, the Guangzhou Municipal Sports Bureau announced: Guangzhou Hengda Taobao and Guangzhou bodied two Super League club won the Tianhe stadium infield, Yuexiu mountain stadium and Guangzhou University City stadium deputy field 20 years lease qualifications, opened a new model of private enterprises lease of state-owned stadiums. To implement the State Council released last year, the "foot" scheme, support Guangzhou occupation football bigger and stronger, Guangzhou municipal government attaches great importance to the two local clubs of the stadium, the Guangzhou sports bureau according to the Guangzhou municipal government executive meeting on the deployment requirements, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the "Guangzhou city sports facilities to the public open management measures" and the management of state-owned assets, in early February Hengda and decimating the two clubs signed a lease contract. Guangzhou Hengda Football Club Taobao the Tianhe Sports Center field, each rental period of 5 years, the implementation of conditional lease renewal, the cumulative total of not more than 20 years. In the same site ownership situation, Hengda the range enjoys independent right of use, right of management in the stadium, the venue shall be agreed at the same time for has nothing to do with football or sports for-profit business activities and other activities, stressed the need to ensure that people in sports Hui open during the lease shall be kept under the name of the football team Super League club qualification "Guangzhou" title and Guangzhou home court. At present, Hengda has completed the Tianhe Sports Center Stadium infield turf and drainage system, sprinkler system transformation. Last night, the new season opener AFC Champions League, the renovation of a new stadium infield turf won both Tianhe players unanimously praised that the site has reached the level of the Asian first-class hardware. Considering the Guangzhou Hengda club Taobao needs a training base, in support of the Guangzhou municipal government, the municipal development and Reform Commission, State Planning Commission, the Municipal Sports Bureau and other departments jointly in Liwan District Fangcun sports center a free sports land of research and demonstration, the construction land has been taken over by the government of Liwan District to implement. Yuexiu R & F build professional football club Guangzhou Fuli mountain lease Guangzhou Yuexiu mountain stadium, Guangzhou University City Sports Center Stadium deputy field also signed a contract in early February this year, the lease terms and as hengda. During the R & F venues, promised in the 2017 year 12 month 31 has invested approximately 6000 million yuan, the Yuexiushan stadium lease range in Europe’s top clubs into professional football home court standard construction, and 5800 million yuan investment in the city sports center of Guangzhou University and secondary field next to 7400 square meters of construction site, in the training field room, function room and other facilities for the transformation of Fuli club football training base.

恒大富力租场20年 开启民营企业租体育场地模式-搜狐体育  广州日报讯 (记者 张喆 通讯员 陈建族) 广州足球改革在国内又在先行一步——昨天,广州市体育局对外宣布:广州恒大淘宝和广州富力两家中超俱乐部分别获得天河体育场内场、越秀山体育场和广州大学城体育场副场的20年承租资格,开启了民营企业承租国有体育场地的新模式。   为落实国务院去年发布的“足改”方案,支持广州职业足球进一步做大做强,广州市委、市政府高度重视本地两家中超俱乐部承租体育场的需求,广州市体育局根据广州市政府常务会议审议通过的部署要求,按照《广州市体育设施向社会开放管理办法》和国有资产管理的有关规定,于2月初与恒大和富力两家俱乐部签订了相关承租合同。   广州恒大淘宝足球俱乐部承租天河体育中心内场,每期出租年限5年,实行有条件续签,总租期累计不超过20年。在场地所有权不变的情况下,恒大在体育场承租范围内享有独立使用权、管理权,同时约定承租场地不得用于与足球事业或群众体育无关的营利性质的商业活动以及其他活动,强调要保证体育惠民开放,在承租期间须保持名下足球队中超俱乐部资格、“广州”冠名和广州主场。   目前,恒大已完成对天河体育中心体育场内场草皮及排水系统、喷淋系统的改造。昨晚的新赛季亚冠首战,翻修一新的天河体育场内场草皮获得了双方参赛球员的一致称赞,认为该场地的硬件已经达到了亚洲一流水平。   考虑到广州恒大淘宝俱乐部迫切需要一个训练基地,在广州市政府的大力支持下,市发改委、市国规委、市体育局等部门联合对荔湾区芳村体育中心一块空余体育用地进行了调研论证,目前此项建设用地已由荔湾区政府接手落实。   富力打造越秀山专业足球场   广州富力俱乐部承租广州越秀山体育场、广州大学城体育中心体育场副场也于今年2月初签订合同,其承租条款与恒大一样。   富力承租场地期间,承诺在2017年12月31日前投入约6000万元人民币,将越秀山体育场承租范围按欧洲顶级足球俱乐部主场标准建设成专业足球场,并投资5800万元人民币在广州大学城体育中心副场及其旁边7400平方米场地建设训练场、检录室、功能房等设施,改造为广州富力俱乐部足球训练基地。相关的主题文章:

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