Hot property market can last long

Hot property market can last long? [Abstract] according to the market madness, one after another to release control policies, the property market is still hot property market fever lasting around Shenzhen have shot control as one falls, another rises, 6 square meters of the "ant housing price up to 880 thousand yuan; and the Chengdu property market rumor four, drive up prices…… Hot property market is still in a seemingly absurd way to continue. For the property market madness, one after another to release control policies, the property market is still hot and lasting? 6 square meters of real ants "suspected illegal news yesterday, once again the explosion of the property market. Shenzhen, 6 square meters of ant house was informed of alleged violations of law; Shanghai, the local banking regulatory bureau requires the bank to immediately terminate the cooperation with the illegal real estate agency. At noon yesterday, the Shenzhen municipal planning and Land Resources Commission in its official micro-blog informed a few days ago pushed up to 880 thousand 6 square meters of real estate, but in the sale area of 12 square meters, the excess part occupied the pool area, suspected of illegal sales reconstruction. The relevant departments have been ordered to these ant room where the overseas Chinese town still project rectification. Shanghai Banking Regulatory Bureau issued a notice in September 22nd, the provisions of banks and other financial institutions for real estate agencies such as for the purchase of the first payment or payments or participate in financing, made or involved in the manufacture of false mortgage 5 violations, and cooperation is terminated immediately, and blacklisted by Shanghai city association. "Four dragons" Hefei is not limited to the purchase of this year, a number of cities in the two or three cities prices rose sharply. Known as the price of the four dragons in Suzhou, Xiamen, Nanjing, Hefei City, Suzhou, Xiamen has implemented the purchase order, Nanjing has also been restricted since yesterday. Hangzhou, Wuhan and other cities have also introduced the purchase, credit limit policy. Hefei prices have gone up too much, a lot of real estate opened that liquidation." A real estate industry to the Beijing morning news reporter admitted that Hefei property market rose 140.5%. Although not limited to purchase, but there are a lot of people because of the high prices in Hefei, Changsha and other places to buy. It is understood that Changsha, Zhengzhou, Shijiazhuang and other places have emerged in the property market, some real estate market in Changsha rose a few hundred dollars a week. The Zhengzhou property market prices rose 116.7% year on year, Shijiazhuang also rose by 111.6%. Many cities in the future will be upgraded regulation in the future there are many cities may upgrade regulation." Centaline chief analyst Zhang Dawei forecast, Zhengzhou, Hefei, Shijiazhuang and other places most likely to introduce different regulatory policies in the near future, including the purchase, etc.. But from the purchase of the city, the effect is limited. Zhang Dawei believes that the current round of regulation and control of urban policy is still dominated by credit and purchase qualifications. However, Jiang Chao, head of macroeconomic research Haitong Securities, it seems that China’s real estate overheating or will be difficult to continue. 8 months ago, the area of real estate sales grew nearly 30%, has also led to real estate investment growth from negative to positive. But this year, real estate sales or close to the top of history, the future will face a great downside risk."相关的主题文章:

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