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How much money you need to buy a new president of the United States Trump with a second-hand car? Sohu auto Beijing November 9th, affecting millions of people heartstrings, the world’s biggest reality show ended. Finally, the U.S. real estate tycoon, the first known network red Trump beat the old lady Hilary · Clinton was elected the next president of the United states. In a 92 page report recently disclosed a property, the majority of people eat melon can a $one billion property – rich, authentic American president as a standard of beauty Trump with skyscrapers, nouveau riche, golf course, numerous restaurants and helicopter. When you travel on a private jet for $100 million, you don’t need to buy a car for $10 million to go to work. But on the contrary, when you do not need a car to buy a car, just to reflect the taste of a car. From Trump wife’s perspective, I think he’s not bad taste. Let’s analyze the old Sichuan in the garage, the trenches of the five cars: 012003 years after the Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren 300SL in 50s, and finally on the Mcclaren Benz (in 2003, the term "Mai Karen" more authentic than) for return to run around sexual immorality. But this car sales is not large, only one model in the domestic sale, a joke like the price of 4 million 880 thousand yuan. We found several units in the UK home market. The first 2004 SLR McLaren at a price of 200 thousand pounds, the highest with Bluetooth 08 years, mileage of 9500 miles of the SLR McLaren price is as high as 350 thousand pounds, about RMB 3 million yuan. Taking into account the rare models, the president of the same paragraph, the car bullish. You also don’t care about the original paint, the proportion of accident problems, poor maintenance, buy this car is a club and the president, is a kinsman of the emperor! 0250’s Rolls-Royce silver cloud as a live very flamboyant leader, naturally need a pompous enough vehicle can foil the temperament. At this point, there is no more appropriate than the 50s Rolls-Royce and retro British temperament means. The first car production in 1956 Rolls-Royce reported Sichuan Pu silver cloud. Considering the Trump elder brother is 70 years old, and this car is also just 60 birthday, this is not Trump show posing play old cars, people just have a car home forget replacing accidentally opened for a lifetime. This vintage car has no market for reference, only in the auction market to find a trace of — of course or nothing. But we found a silver cloud III, priced around 900 thousand yuan, that is to say the father’s childhood partner is likely to exceed millions. 03 Rolls-Royce mirage this car is our common standard. Rolls-Royce nouveau riche, phantom Trump become the most commonly used models. It is different from other tycoons, Trump more willing to personally driving the car. Don’t know how to elect president相关的主题文章:

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