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Blogging-Rss There are a number of blogs out there these days that all manage to give bad advice! I used to be a newbie too and as such I remember how I wasted my time reading bad advice on pretty looking ‘profession’ blogs. I often see paid reviews being raved about on many of the top blogging sites. The idea is that once you build your page rank up to something decent, like a pr4 or pr5 then you can start selling links on your blog. Wait, wasn’t I talking about paid review? Oh, that’s right, it’s the same thing! Yes, those ‘white hat’ A-Lister bloggers are actually selling links on their blogs. The links are just contained in a review. Advertisers like this idea because by buying all these links they can artificially boost their rankings by manipulating the search engine data…and the A-Listers help them out and make some money. For more details go to The problem with this business model is that Google doesn’t like it and will ‘slap’ your blog down. By this I mean your page rank will be reduced or wiped out altogether. Everytime there is a Google update the bloggers come out crying in droves! "My PR5 is now a PR2" they all cry. This kills one of their sources of income. A waste of time in the end. Another idea that always sounds good on paper but in the end only works for the top bloggers is building a list. By list I mean an email list that you can spam with a number of affiliate products. The problem with this method is that by the time you, the regular average blogger get your hands on a new affiliate product, the top bloggers have already sold it to almost everybody in the niche! It’s like a pyramid scheme. It only works out well for those at the VERY top. Another time waster is working on building up your feed count. Your feed reader count is supposed to be important in establishing credibility for your blog. Again, the credibility is supposed to make your readers trust you more. That way when you try to sell them another "get rich quick" book they are more likely to buy it…because they trust you. You are credible. Notice that none of these methods involve driving search engine traffic to your sites? That is because most of these A-Lister blogger types are really newbies in disguise. They haven’t got a clue as to increase search traffic to their blogs yet they pretend to have all the answers regarding how to make money online! For more help visit The basic idea behind A-List blogging is to first become a famous blogger and then to cash in on that fame by impressing newbies with your stature and selling them everything you can get your hands on. The problem is that only so many of you can become or will become famous bloggers! So in the end the vast majority of you who are following this model are going to fail. It is a matter of statistic. This is why more and more people are learning about niche blogging. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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