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E-Books Viral marketing is one of the most powerful ways that you can generate traffic to your website. The name sounds negative, but when you start a viral marketing campaign, the results will be positive. Think about how a virus works. When one person is sick, they can get several people sick in one day. Then those people can get several people sick. After a while tons and tons of people are sick. Unless something is done, the virus will keep traveling and traveling. The concept of a virus can be applied to Internet marketing. Think about this. You create a free ebook and you give it to three people. In the ebook you encourage them to give the ebook to others. Before you know it the ebook is spreading across the Internet like wild fire. Digital information duplicates easily and quickly. Before you know it, thousands of people could be reading your free ebook. Make sure to let people know that they have permission to forward the ebook around the Internet. Take the time to learn about how copyright works. When you create the ebook, you have to right to give people certain rights. One of those rights could be that you allow them to give the book to other people. Let people know that this book is free to give away. In the ebook, you can include affiliate links to products and services that you re.mend. When people click on those links from your ebook to the sites that you are promoting and make a purchase, you make money. You can also include links back to your website. This will help you generate thousands of visitors. One of the things that you have to watch out for is people stealing your affiliate .missions. People will modify your affiliate codes and steal .missions from you. I re.mend that you use link-cloaking software that will protect your affiliate .missions. Let other people spread the free ebook around. Use an auto responder to deliver your e-Book automatically. Offer it on your web site. Give it away; do not sell it because you will limit how many people want it. The more that get it, the more clicks to affiliates and the more sales you make. You can write the e-Book yourself, you can use private label content, or you can hire a ghostwriter to prepare the content. There are many ways to create an ebook. Once you have your e-Book written, use software to create your ebook. You have many resources to create an ebook. Once you create it start emailing it to people, post it on your website, and advertise it in classified ads. Give it away. So do not be afraid to jump out there and be.e an author or a Webmaster, maybe even both. Free ebooks and information are hot .modities. When you market them virally, nature takes over and it spreads. If you are not using viral ebook marketing, you are missing out on tons of traffic, new customers, and greater affiliate checks. Keep pressing on. God bless you. Jesus loves you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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