Hu, who insulted the people of Henan, called your mother to go home to receive the court summons!

Henan Hu Wei insults your mother calling you home received a court summons! Dahe Dahe reporter Duan Weiduo · client abuse of the people of Henan Hu Wei, your mother "shouted" you home summons! Today (14 days), Dahe reporters from client the plaintiff lawyers learned recently, the court has to Goldwater Hu Wei home directly to Dongliao County of Jilin Province, but did not see Hu Wei himself only. See Hu Wei’s parents, and the parents refused to sign. Because of the improper remarks repeatedly sent to Henan people in micro-blog, a dirty war of words. In August 31st, live in Henan for 30 years long public wells water Hu Wei paper petition to Goldwater District People’s court. Claim: 1, the defendant was ordered to immediately delete, stop the relevant comments of the plaintiff’s reputation infringement; 2, order the defendant in the Legal Daily, Dahe Daily, national and Henan province mainstream media public apology to the plaintiff, to eliminate the impact of rehabilitation; 3, ordered the two defendants jointly and severally compensation for mental damage solatium and other losses totaling 1000 yuan; 4, legal fees, notary fees, legal fees borne by the two defendants accused; because of the network become a war of words, such cases are rare. But this time Hu Wei met "love contests", dodge useless, as soon as possible to face. I haven’t seen Hu Wei, and his parents refused to sign the summons "count" served? In this regard, the plaintiff lawyers in Henan Jin lawyer Duan Zhaohui introduced, according to the law, litigation documents may be served personally or live adult family members refused to sign, can take pictures served. Served is a kind of mode of delivery, applicable to the addressee is not willing to accept the litigation documents, service according to a way of litigation documents in the recipient’s house and is forced to. "Hu Wei curse case" in 1, a shaft of 2012, Hu Wei registered with sina micro-blog "Hu Wei Hovi", with tens of thousands of fans, claiming to be engaged in the host industry, since April 2016, the defendant Hu Wei repeatedly issued improper remarks in micro-blog, Henan people abuse. 2, August 31st, the public water wells long will Hu Wei reported to the Zhengzhou Municipal People’s court; 3, September 6th, Dahe reporter was informed that the court has formally opened. In September 7th, the A11 version of the "micro-blog repeatedly scolded Hu Wei of Henan accused" reported the matter; 4, mid October, Erqi District People’s court made a civil ruling, Sina micro-blog company Beijing dream jurisdiction objection network technology limited company to make decision, dismissed the objection. 5, October 26th, Kim went to Hu Wei home directly to the court.

辱骂河南人的胡伟 你妈喊你回家收法院传票!大河报·大河客户端记者 段伟朵辱骂河南人的胡伟,你妈“喊”你回家收传票啦!今日(14日),大河客户端记者从原告代理律师处了解到,近日,金水法院已前往胡伟老家直接送达吉林省东辽县,但未见到胡伟本人,仅见到胡伟父母,且其父母拒绝签字。由于其屡次在微博上发出针对河南人的不当言论,掀起污浊的网络骂战。8月31日,在河南居住30年的市民井长水一纸诉状将胡伟告上金水区人民法院。诉讼请求:1、判令被告立即删除、停止发表对原告名誉权构成侵害的相关言论;2、 判令被告在法制日报、大河报、新浪网等国家及河南省主流媒体公开向原告赔礼道歉、消除影响、恢复名誉;3、 判令二被告承担连带赔偿精神损害抚慰金及其他损失共计1000元;4、 诉讼费、公证费、律师费由二被告承担;因网络骂战而成为被告,这样的案例并不多见。但胡伟这次就遇到了“爱较真的”,躲闪无益,不如及早正面面对。没有见到胡伟本人,其父母又拒绝签字,那这张传票“算不算”送达?对此,原告代理律师河南中锦律师事务所律师段朝辉介绍,按法律规定诉讼文书可以送达本人或同住成年家属,拒绝签字可以拍照留置送达。留置送达是送达方式的一种,适用于受送达人不愿意接受诉讼文书的情形,送达人依法将诉讼文件留在收件人住处的一种方式,属于强制送达。“胡伟骂人案”进展时间轴☞1、2012年起,胡伟注册使用新浪微博“胡伟Hovi”,拥有数万名粉丝,自称从事主持行业,自2016年4月起,被告胡伟屡次在微博中发布不当言论,辱骂河南人。2、8月31日,市民井长水将胡伟告到郑州市金水区人民法院;3、9月6日,大河报记者获悉,法院已正式立案。9月7日,本报A11版以《微博上屡骂河南人胡伟被告了》为题报道此事;4、10月中旬,金水区人民法院做出民事裁定书,就新浪微博运营公司北京微梦创科网络技术有限公司提出的管辖异议做出裁定:驳回被告提出的异议。5、10月26日,金水法院前往胡伟老家直接送达。相关的主题文章:

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